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Best Heated Mattress Pad

As winter comes, it might be time to bring out your cold-weather bedding. The best-heated mattress pad, on the other hand, may be worth considering if you want an alternative to heavy, bulky bedding or if you can’t seem to stay warm at night without turning up your thermostat.

Compared to central heating, electrically best-heated mattress pads have adjustable settings that warm your bed to help keep you cozy at night. They also use a fraction of the power. Modern heated bed pads come in various styles, from simple and effective to complex options that include heating and cooling. We’ll go through our top reviewed selections for the best-heated mattress pads, as well as everything you need to know about choosing the appropriate one for you.




TEXARTIST Mattress Pad

Best Quilted Heated Mattress Pad
  • Provides maximum comfort and support
  • It’s cool to touch and also breathable
  • Machine washable and has deep pockets
  • Very thin
  • It does not soften the mattress
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

It was overfilled with 4D spiral fiber that traps air, allowing this amazing mattress pad to breathe and retain its shape longer than any other mattress pad on the market. This is one of the best-heated mattress pads with high resilience which makes it fluffy and delivers an exceptional level of comfort that will improve your sleep. It’s a practical method to enjoy comfort without ever having to leave your house. You may rejuvenate an old mattress and modify the softness or stiffness with this mattress pad.
The top surface, made of 400 TC combed cotton, will wick away any moisture or sweat, providing a comfortable and ventilated resting environment. Excellent and quiet protection that doesn’t disturb your restful slumber ensures that you have a good night’s sleep. This is ideal for people who have any sort of mattress, including innerspring, latex, and heated memory foam.
The deep pocket design grabs any mattress up to 21″ in diameter with ease and provides a smooth appearance once applied. To keep the fill from changing, it’s made with a lovely quilted polygon and a stream pattern. As we reviewed and read about it the tests demonstrate that it will hold its shape even after being machine washed 109 times. Features like quick-drying and wrinkle resistance help you save time and money.
This quality heated mattress pad is suitable for all persons due to the stuffing and 400TC combed cotton. It protects your mattress from wear and tear, extending the life of your mattress. Make your bed a healthy sleeping environment.


Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Best Polyester Heated Mattress Pad
  • Made up of Polyester
  • It is soothing and hot
  • Best heated mattress pad with a very high-quality design
  • Stops working after a few months
  • Sometimes it gets heated very rapidly
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

The dual side controllers on this plush Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad each provide ten heat settings to assist in relaxing the neck, shoulder, back, legs, and more while you sleep.
The EasySet Pro Controller allows you complete control over heat levels, while dual-sided ThermoFine technology ensures heat constancy throughout the night by auto-adjusting.
The 10-hour auto-off function turns off the heat on a timer, allowing you to relax. Made of 100% polyester, it is machine washable and dryer safe. This supreme heated mattress pad is long-lasting and can be used for many years. This plush Sunbeam best Heated Mattress Pad has two side controllers, each with ten heat settings, to help relax your neck, shoulder, back, legs, and more while you sleep on cold nights.
The dual-sided ThermoFine technology provides heat consistency throughout the night by auto-adjusting, and the auto-off feature gives you peace of mind.
Made of 100 percent polyester, this soft quilted heated mattress pad is machine washable and dryer safe. In addition, it is durable and may be used for a long time.


Degrees Of Comfort Heated Mattress Pad

Best Heated Mattress Pad
  • Provides therapeutic heat relief
  • Best heated mattress pad for protecting skin from burns and radiation
  • It comes with a best-placed plug
  • The left side gives issues after sometime
  • It takes some time to heat
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

The 12.5FT POWER CORD provides ample reach to any nearby outlet, allowing you to set your pad on top of your mattress without worrying about not being able to reach a wall outlet. Because of the plush-packed padding, YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW IT’S THERE. The 6ft dual controller cords are conveniently positioned and quickly reached and tucked away.
This best-heated mattress pad is built at a Degree of Comfort to heat up with very little EMF radiation. In addition, this hi-end heated mattress pad is UL SAFETY CERTIFIED.
THE TEMPERATURE ON every SIDE OF THE BED CAN BE CUSTOMIZED BY BOTH SPOUSES. 2 Individual Dual Controllers (only available in queen, king, and cal king sizes) allow each individual to pick their heating preference. They allow you to be Rapidly HEATED FROM THE BOTTOM UP or quickly cool down.
Consistent heat dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. This helps relax painful muscles and joints by “opening them up.” PERFECT HEATED MATTRESS PAD FOR PEOPLE WITH MULTIPLE MUSCLE PAIN OR PEOPLE WITH A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING JOB, this amazing heated pad is PERFECT also, if you’re iron deficient and want to stay warm.
WE KNOW YOU’RE TIRED OF SAVING MONEY ON CHEAP electric mattress pads that break down after only a few usages. That’s why we reviewed this best-heated mattress pad that was designed to last all year, even with the most restless sleepers.


Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Best Heated Mattress Pad With Heat Settings
  • It has dual-zone controls
  • Thermo fine technology
  • Machine washable
  • Heats up so quickly
  • The wires are too big
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

This extra-soft Sunbeam Polyester Best Heated Mattress Pad for back pain has twin zone controls for customized comfort; each controller has ten heat settings to assist relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain while sleeping.
ThermoFine technology is used in this electric mattress pad to provide constant and comfortable heat control by auto-adjusting throughout the night. This machine-washable and dryer-safe mattress pad is made of 100% polyester.
Fits mattresses up to 16 inches deep and has a 10-hour auto-shutoff for peace of mind, and it comes with a 5-year limited guarantee.


Beautyrest 3M Scotchgard Heated Mattress-Pad

Best Luxury Heated Mattress Pad
  • Provides therapeutic relief
  • It has programmable controls
  • 100% UL certified
  • The heated pad has thick gear grease on it
  • Sometimes it takes a very long time to heat
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Simple to maintain 3M Scotchgard-treated microfiber fabric This treatment aids in the removal of tough stains in the wash while also wicking moisture away from your body. The fabric is easily machine washable. You can unplug this amazing heated mattress pad’s power wire and chuck it in the washing machine for a quick clean. This mattress pad has 15″ deep pockets and will fit most mattresses up to 18″ in height. The skirt has a tight elastic waistband that keeps it in place.
The electromagnetic field emission from an electric blanket is kept to a minimum. The heating element has an equally spaced pattern that allows even heat distribution. For maximum safety, this product is UL-approved.
You can modify your heat settings with five different heat settings to find the perfect level of warmth. In addition, the queen and king sizes have dual controllers, allowing you and your spouse to set your individual temperature preferences.
Smart home outlets and automatic timers are supported. A one-hour warmup function speeds up the warming process.
That’s a 5-year savings and service guarantee. If you think you have any concerns or issues about the product, please contact their customer care department.


Hyde lane store Premium Mattress Heating Pad

Best Premium Heated Mattress Pad
  • Best heated mattress pad for people who are suffering from muscle pain
  • 100% UL certified
  • It has quilted cotton padding
  • It takes a long time to reach the optimal temperature
  • The remote controls give errors
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

Visualize yourself sleeping on a relaxing cloud that looks as good as it feels. This is one of the best-heated mattress pads which is made from cotton fibers and it not only has sophisticated heating capabilities but it can be used in place of comforters. 
Don’t cheap wiring and synthetic fibers that poke and prod you all night. Instead, the cutting-edge design insulates circulation heat beneath your blankets, protecting your skin from potential burns. Furthermore, the proprietary warming procedure heats up with very little EMF radiation.
Consistent heat dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow. This helps relax painful muscles and joints by “opening them up.
Preheat this best-heated mattress pad to your preferred temperature so that when you get into bed, you don’t have to wait for warmth because it’s already there. JUST DISCONNECT OR REMOVE THE POWER CORD AND THROW IT IN THE WASHER. The premium heated pads will not pill or become matted over time, and they will retain their softness even after thousands of washes.
WE KNOW YOU’RE TIRED OF SAVING MONEY ON CHEAP electric mattress pads that break down after only a few usages. That’s why our heated mattress pad was designed to endure all year and through hundreds of washes!


Reaks Store Electric Zoned Heated Mattress Pad

Best Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad
  • ETL certified
  • It has an intelligent temperature management system
  • Ventilated top surface
  • The cord is too short
  • Indicator lights don’t stay on
4.6Expert Score
Product Description

With hundred watts it AC 110-120V@60Hz. It has dual controllers. The controller has auto shut-off functionalities that may be set from 1 to 12 hours. It has ten different heat settings. For a quick warmup, use the highest setting.
It has a ventilated top surface that is highly breathable to assist you in sleeping without having hot flashes. The electric heated best mattress pad has a deep pocket that fits mattresses up to 15 inches wide. You can easily clean it. If you have any concerns, don’t feel shy to contact them.
You have additional flexibility with a 6ft power cord and a 13ft controller cord.

What is the best Heated Mattress Pad?

The best-heated mattress buffer is a thin covering that you may apply to provide extra comfort and protection for your mattress. This bedding item softens your sleeping surface while also acting like a protective layer to help your bed last longer. Most quality heated mattress pads contain elastic straps or sewn-in elastic bands to keep them in place, similar to a fitted sheet.

Heated mattress pads take the essence of a conventional mattress pad to the next level by adding an electric-powered heating element. This gives cold sleepers or those who live in cold climes.

Mattress pads are different from mattress toppers and covers. Pillows and toppers can both be used to adjust the comfort level of your current mattress. On the other hand, Mattress toppers give a significantly thicker and more significant change. In addition, Mattress toppers are often made of memory foam or latex, whereas pads are typically made of cotton or Polyester and provide mild cushioning.

Both pads and toppers protect your mattress from wear and tear, but that is not their primary function. Encasements and mattresses are designed to keep liquids, body oils, and other contaminants off your bed.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Heated Mattress Pad?

Heated mattress pads are available in various styles, each with its functions and price range. We'll go over the most crucial features to look for in the best-heated mattress pad to help you discover the one that's suitable for you.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying the Best Heated Mattress Pad?

Shopping for new bedding might be intimidating, but the correct sleep accessories can help you get a better night's sleep. For example, the best mattress heated cushion can help you alter your overall comfort, especially if it has heating or cooling features to regulate the temperature of your bed.
Many businesses will promote their product as a one-size-fits-all solution for all sleepers. However, each person's demands and tastes should be considered while purchasing bedding. We'll review the essential features that will affect the functioning of your heated bed pad.
The plush Heated mattress pads are typically heated using one of two methods: wires or water. A network of electrical cables runs via wired heated mattress pads. You shouldn't feel the wires through the place because they are usually fragile. Water is used in more modern heating pads to transfer heat to your mattress. 
These systems include a separate control device that heats water in a reservoir and pumps it into tubes positioned throughout the mattress pad. These devices provide you with more control over your bed's temperature. In addition, a handheld controller is often included with both types of mattress pads. This allows you to control the level of heat. Pillows with a more significant number of heat settings and more adjustability tend to be more expensive.


Traditional mattress pads made of wire can simply offer heat. On the other hand, electric water-heated mattress pads include cooling capabilities, making these sleep systems far more versatile for usage all year.

Heated mattress pads are available in various pricing ranges, ranging from under $100 to over $1,000. Advanced features and higher-quality materials are often found in more expensive models. Even at the lower end of this price range, though, you may get dependable heated mattress pads to keep you warm on cold nights. Before making a purchase, read user reviews to see if a particular model would provide good value for the money.


Heated mattress pads usually come with a handheld remote that allows you to change the pad’s temperature. Typically, controls are tethered to the place. However, some best-heated mattress pads come with wireless controllers or can be operated via a smartphone app.

Some versions also have dual or split controls, allowing you to adjust each side of the mattress separately. This option is great for couples that enjoy different temperatures. A timer option is also helpful since it allows you to configure your pad to switch off after a specific amount of hours.

Materials of High Quality

Polyester and cotton are the two most frequent fabrics used in heated mattress pads. Cotton is a natural fiber that is moisture-wicking and breathable, but Polyester is more cost-effective. Blends combine the advantages of both materials in one cloth. The quality of the materials chosen will impact the mattress pad’s overall longevity and decide how well it holds up to regular use and cleaning.


The thickness of a pad might affect the comfort of your mattress. The thicker the residence, the more probable it is to soften your bed and provide additional padding for pain points such as the shoulders and hips. On the other hand, the best-heated mattress pad might offer some extra comfort if your mattress is a little too firm. However, most mattress pads are about an inch thick or less and will have no impact on the hardness of your mattress. If you’re looking to improve the comfort of your present bed by making it softer or firmer, a mattress topper is a better option.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Bedding that needs extra care, such as dry cleaning or hand washing, can reduce its usefulness. A heated mattress pad is usually placed beneath your fitted sheet to prevent wear and tear and increase the duration between cleanings. Look for machine-washable versions and dryer-safe to make cleaning and upkeep easier. To avoid damaging your pad, always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning directions, regardless of your purchase type.


The majority of heated mattress pads are constructed of cotton or Polyester, which are quiet when under load. However, when you move around on top of a mattress pad that is supposed to be waterproof, it can wrinkle. So if you’re a light sleeper sensitive to noise, wild places with a waterproof covering should be avoided.

Which kind of Heated Mattress Pad Should I Choose?

There are two types of heated mattress pads. While both models use electricity to generate heat and keep you warm, they have a few key differences.

Pads with Electric Wire Heating

A metal wire-based technology is used in traditional heated mattress pads. This sort of heated mattress pad works by generating heat with electricity and then transferring it to the sleeper via a network of tiny, flexible metal wires.

The heating wires are sown directly into the mattress pad’s fabric. The wires’ thin construction allows them to produce warmth without interfering with your sleep surface’s comfort. Encasing metal wires in cloth, on the other hand, creates some safety concerns and necessitates strict adherence to all manufacturer specifications.

Typically, electric wire-heated mats come with a portable controller that allows you to change the heat level. They’re also usually less expensive.

Water-Heated Electric Sleep Systems

A water-heated system is used in more complex heated mattress pads. While this type of mattress pad similarly uses electricity to generate heat, the process for doing so is somewhat different.

Electric water-heated sleep systems employ energy to heat (or cool) a tiny amount of water to your desired temperature. The hot water is then circulated via a network of silicone tubes that run the pad’s interior surface length.

Electric water-heated sleep systems usually come with a controller that allows you to change the temperature to your preference. This sort of mattress pad is good at keeping you warm, but it comes at a significantly higher cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use heated mattress pads?

If you follow the manufacturer’s directions, the best-heated mattress pads are relatively safe. However, using metal-based heating poses the risk of a fire hazard or burns, which is a common worry for models produced using electrically heated wires.

On a memory foam mattress, can you use a heated mattress pad?

Mattresses made of memory foam react to changes in temperature. This trait allows the foam to conform to the contour of your body, but it also means that heating pads placed directly on top of the foam may cause harm to the mattress. So on memory foam mattresses too, electric blankets and heated mattress pads should be avoided.

What is the best way to clean a heated mattress pad?

Pre-soak the blanket, mattress pad, or toss in mild soap and cold water for 15 minutes. Wash in cold water with light soap for two minutes on the “delicate” or “gentle” cycle in the washer. Bleach should not be used. Rinse in the cold fresh water.

What is the distinction between mattress toppers and mattress pads?

A mattress pad is used to improve the comfort of a bed while also protecting it from spills and impurities. A mattress topper is utilized to significantly alter the feel of a mattress while also providing additional pressure relief. Toppers can also extend the life of a new mattress or rejuvenate an old one.

Is it better to sleep with a heated mattress pad or a heated blanket?

According to study and testing, if you’re looking for extra warmth at night, the best heated mattress pad is usually preferable to an electric blanket. This is because the heating wires are better hidden with pillows, and the warmth is insulated by your body and the rest of your bedding.

Is it possible to use an electric mattress pad and an electric blanket simultaneously?

Using an electric blanket and a heated mattress pad simultaneously is not a good idea. Overheating and potentially a fire could result from the combined warmth. In addition, your electric blanket should not be washed. A washing machine’s twisting and tugging operations are almost certain to destroy the inside coils.


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