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Best Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers

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Best Mattress Toppers for Side Sleepers For Any Type Of Pain

One of the most common sleeping styles is side sleeping. However, it has several disadvantages to overcome. We are more likely to show you our reviewed best mattress topper for side sleepers. The most common issue for many people is pressure building up around their hips and shoulders, which can cause aches and pains. A too-firm mattress can lead to more problems, but a too-soft mattress can cause a side sleeper’s hips and shoulders to sink too far, putting strain on the spine. 

While replacing the mattress is one option, side sleepers can alter the feel of their sleeping surface to better suit their needs without purchasing a new bed. So, having the best mattress topper for side sleepers available in the market is a simple and cost-effective option. These extra layers are typically 1 to 4 inches thick, and they sit on top of the original mattress to provide additional comfort.

We’ll go over the top selections for the top-rated mattress toppers for side sleepers, as well as discuss how they work. Then, we’ll go on to explain what to look for when purchasing a high-quality bed topper for side sleepers.


Mattress Topper For Side Sleepers Product Details


Linenspa, Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Editor’s Choice
  • Firm support and a thick memory foam mattress
  • Back appropriate support
  • Maybe harder than usual
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

The Linenspa Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper will provide a comfort layer to your mattress instantly. By dispersing weight, soft, supportive memory foam, which relieves pressure spots making it the best mattress topper for side sleepers with shoulder and hip pain. The memory foam has a gel infusion that helps to control temperature by trapping and transferring heat. Foam is CertiPUR US certified for quality assurance. 
In addition, your old mattress will be revitalized by the plush memory foam surface, which will help to prevent long-term wear and tear. With the top-rated mattress topper for side sleepers, you can keep yourself cool while you sleep by conforming to your body’s curves and alleviating aches and pains. All sizes, King, King, Queen, Full XL, Full, Twin XL, and Twin XL are available.


EASELAND Mattress Pad

Best Safe
  • Unique polyester fiber clusters provide extraordinary comfort
  • Safe, according to laboratory tests
  • Ideal for innerspring, latex, or memory foam mattresses
  • The fit is average
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

The EASELAND mattress pad may give extraordinary softness and smooth feeling while safeguarding your mattress with down substitute microfiber stuffing. This pad will offer incredible softness to your stiff mattress with 30oz down substitute stuffing. The 300TC 100% cotton surface will absorb perspiration and keep you cool. 
Alternative down fillings were used. It is one of the best mattress toppers for side sleepers with a deep pocket design that can extend up to 21 inches and 130 GSM Single-track Elastic Fabric, this pad will stay neat no matter how you move on the bed. There’s no need to be concerned about an unclean bed any longer. It can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and dried in the sun to make it fluffy again.


Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best For Side Sleepers
  • For those who sleep hot, the 10-inch cooling gel memory foam mattress is ideal
  • For maximum comfort, it has a three-layer construction with airflow channels
  • It’s made of hypoallergenic material, so it’s great for people with sensitive skin
  • Produces a strong chemical odor
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

A soft quilted pillow top cover packed with plush fiber fill and cooling gel memory foam makes up this great two-layer fine mattress topper for side sleepers. The pillow-top cover is removable, washable, and stretches to fit your bed like a fitted sheet; the gel foam mattress topper provides luxurious support for all sleep positions, which is why it is known to be the best mattress topper for combo sleepers.
With the line of memory foam, gel memory foam, dual-layer, and pillow-top mattress toppers, you can relieve pressure spots, get a better night’s sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. All memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.


COONP Thick Cooling Mattress Topper

Best For Comfort
  • The topping repels liquids and prevents stains, making it stain-resistant
  • It’s machine washable, easy to keep clean, and it keeps its shape
  • One of the best mattress toppers for side sleepers with a smooth quilted surface and 100 cotton topper provides maximum comfort
  • The level of quality is average
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Make a simple investment in your bed, sleep better, and live a more fulfilling life by getting this best mattress topper for stomach and side sleepers. People are believed to spend 1/3 of their lives in bed. We certainly spend more time than that. If you’re the one to have a beautiful mattress and sleep well, don’t forget to protect it with a mattress topper.
If not, instead of buying a high-priced mattress, a COONP mattress topper is a terrific way to improve your sleeping situation as it is one of the luxury mattress protectors for stomach and side sleepers.
COONP mattress topper, filled with supportive 3D snow down alternative fill, giving you plushness that hugs your body and provides the best support. Whether you’re correcting a too-hard mattress or rejuvenating an old mattress that’s lost support, COONP will transport you to a pleasant night. 
On a memory foam mattress, do you ever get hot? Try the COONP mattress topper, which is made of 400 thread count combed cotton. 400 TC combed cotton is a gift from nature combined with human intelligence, retaining the breathable properties of cotton while improving the density and strength of cotton fibers through combing and providing a cooling sensation to the touch. COONP uses high-quality materials to care for your skin. 
Look for a thoughtful pad to keep you dry and clean while you sleep. ELASTIC DEEP POCKET(8-21″) are an alternative to weak and flimsy anchor bands. This innovative design provides 360°wrapping, so you won’t have to worry about tossing and turning over the night.
Find a way to keep you and your loved ones safe from moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tumble dry it on low heat to fluff up the fibers before using it for optimal results. Place a mattress protector or fitted sheet on top of your topper to extend its life and reduce the need to wash it. Wash in a front-loading machine on a cool wash cycle every two years.


Sleep Mantra Cooling Mattress Topper

Best For Side Sleepers With Hip Pain
  • Anchor band elastic with a lot of elasticity ensures a good fit and grip
  • The fill is held in place by double-needle stitching
  • The topper’s quality is fair
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

This is one of the finest mattress toppers for side sleepers which has the perfect thickness, neither too thick nor too thin, providing optimal support without sacrificing the cloud-like experience.
Unlike overly thick pads, this Prime mattress pad for side sleepers with hip pain has a 300 thread count 100 percent cotton topper, providing firm support and reducing back strain and hip pain. This mattress topper does not absorb heat and keeps the temperature at a comfortable level.
Memory foam pads or regular mattresses no longer induce sweaty nights. Advanced 100 percent Polyester Fibers (Down Alternative) filling provides a soft and bouncy sensation. 
This luxury top mattress pad for side sleepers provides a hotel-like experience by adding a layer of protection, comfort, and softness to your new mattress. It can also be used to support and renew aged spring mattresses. The material is one of the world’s best fabric protectors, which repels liquids and resists stains without altering the feel of the topper, helping to protect your mattress from stains and spills.
The spilled liquid can also be quickly wiped away, preventing water from seeping through and reaching your mattress. The topper is folding and portable, with a fitted skirt that is simple to put on and take off for washing. Because the mattress cover arrives in a vacuum bag, tumble dry it on low heat to fluff it up before use.
Unlike other pads that become distorted, flat, and lumpy after a few washes, this best mattress pallet topper for side sleepers is easy to clean, totally machine washable, and preserves the shape and fill consistency wash after wash thanks to its enhanced down-like fill quality. Cover the mattress pad with a fitted sheet to extend its life and limit the time it must be washed.


The Duck And Goose (D &G) Co Overfilled Plush Mattress Topper 

Best Long-Lasting
  • Extra microfiber layers on top of your bed make a soft, supporting layer
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
  • The double-needle stitching makes it machine washable
  • The standard of excellence is fair
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

This RV mattress topper is a fantastic choice for persons who are sensitive to feather-down mattress toppers and their odor or the heat of a memory foam mattress topper. It has an alternative down filling and a skin-friendly soft fabric.
It is one of the best mattress toppers for side sleepers with lower back pain is TRULY EXTRA THICK and is generously packed with 1400GSM very soft down alternative gel fiber to provide the optimum support for your back as you sleep.
Anchor bands and stitching offer a stable fit for mattresses with depths ranging from 6″ to 22″. It’s a popular choice among people because it’s the ideal complement to a hard latex or memory foam mattress. 


ViscoSoft Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Durable
  • The unique polyester fiber clusters provide a high level of comfort
  • Safe, according to laboratory testing
  • Suitable for any mattress type, including innerspring, latex, and memory foam
  • The fit is averag
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Boost Your Sleep Quality You won’t understand how far we go for comfort until you’ve tried this best mattress topper for side sleepers with shoulder and hip pain, Serene high density, a pressure-relieving topper.
A velvety layer of pressure-relieving comfort is added thanks to 2.5 inches of temperature-neutral gel memory foam and 1.5 inches of a fluffy down substitute. A mattress topper and pad that transforms any mattress into a 5-star luxury experience every night.
For Pain and Soreness Reduction, the Serene dual-layer mattress topper is built to balance softness and support. Relieve back, hip, and other physical problems with this Top quality topper for side sleepers with shoulder and hip pain as well as overall soreness caused by a firm mattress or worn-out mattress support. Memory Foam has a distinctive scent. 
Because of recent improvements to the formula, the odor has been reduced to nearly nothing, so you won’t have to deal with any odor. Cover Pad is reversible and washable. 
The dual-layer has been rigorously tested for shrinkage, piling, appearance, and other standards at a level of 5 items of washing to assure durability and long-term comfort. When laundering the cover, please follow the care recommendations.


Subrtex Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Best Hypo-Allergenic
  • Soft fiber filling provides excellent comfort and a restful night’s sleep
  • Tumble dry and machine washable
  • Cooling technology combined with a particular fabric makes it breathable and hypoallergenic, keeping dust mites and other allergies at bay
  • It cannot be bleached since it will degrade the quality.
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

The ventilated design of the gel-infused memory foam, known to be the best mattress topper for combo sleepers, employs 3.5-pound density memory foam, optimizes airflow and reduces stored body heat, eliminates motion transfer, and relieves stress in your body.
The bamboo rayon cover is made of skin-friendly knitted fabric and includes adjustable elastic straps that suit mattresses up to 12 inches deep “, with a mesh fabric backing to avoid slipping and a quality metal zipper for simple removal and cleaning.
It is one of the best mattress toppers for side sleepers when it comes to durability, performance, and content. The memory foam mattress topper is CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX certified. In addition, there are no hazardous phthalates or formaldehyde in this product.

Why a Side Sleeper sould Use a Mattress Topper?

In comparison to other sleeping postures, side sleeping is more prone to cause pressure points. This is because most people’s shoulders and hips bear a disproportionate amount of weight, leading them to sink into the mattress. This might cause misalignment of the spine, resulting in more pressure points.

As a result, side sleepers’ shoulders and hips require more padding and strengthening and they need the best mattress topper for side sleepers to overcome this issue. In addition, too soft surfaces sink too much for side sleepers, while too solid surfaces with insufficient cushioning can cause aches and pains. If you are bothered by the firmness of your mattress or the lack of support it provides, a topper with your desired firmness level will help.

How to Choose the Best Mattress Topper?

The super mattress topper can improve the comfort of your bed, but you must choose the proper one for your preferences, needs, and sleeping style. 

What Side Sleepers must Consider When Purchasing a Mattress Topper?

There are a few elements to consider when you buy the high-end mattress topper for side sleepers. While these apply to pay little heed to your rest position, we’ll list some exceptional reviewed contemplations for side sleepers so you can rest all the more efficiently in your favored position. 


The best mattress toppers for people who sleep on the side typically use adaptable padding, polyfoam, latex, feathers, down other options, or fleece. Any of these choices might be suitable for side sleepers relying upon their current bedding and how they desire to adjust their rest surface. 
Side sleepers are searching for really shaping, and strain help might lean toward adaptable padding, polyfoam, or latex model. These materials shape the sleeper's body while offering help, making them famous with side sleepers.
Adjustable padding has the nearest embrace, but at the same time, it's probably going to hold heat. Polyfoam generally adjusts less intently, however, with added breathability. Latex fans out the pressure more for a skimming feel, and it adds a touch of bob. 
Finally, quill, down other options, and fleece toppers add padding more than form. They can make the rest surface plusher and more breathable, yet they may not help and support many side sleepers. Notwithstanding, if your sleeping pad forms well, a topper made of one of these materials might be a significant expansion. 


The cost of a topper frequently mirrors its quality and materials. There are many spending plan suitable choices accessible for under $100, notwithstanding extravagance decisions that surpass $1,000. But, by far, most of the toppers will fall someplace in the centre. 
The retail cost of better quality things might be a side road for specific customers, yet you should remember that a more costly topper may, at last, be a superior worth if it shouldn't be supplanted as soon. 

Sleeping Position

For the most part, side resting comes down on the hips and shoulders in the light that these regions are more extensive. A topper can assist with calming this tension by dispersing the sleeper's weight all the more equally. Considering this can assist you in finding a choice with the right thickness, solidness, and materials to work with your rest position and current sleeping cushion. 

Quality Materials

Quality is foremost, possibly influencing both the solace and life span of your topper. Great choices will, in general, oppose long haul impressions and different indications of wear for proceeding with solace with regular use. While quality materials generally cost more, their toughness might make them a superior worth by and large. 

Firmness Level

Side sleepers ordinarily lean toward a somewhat gentle rest surface than back and stomach sleepers. Immovability inclinations are abstract, yet a few exciting points assist you with choosing the best quality bed topper for side sleepers. 
If your current sleeping pad is substantial for you, you might need a marginally gentler topper than the actual bed. Essentially, if your bedding is excessively delicate, you might incline toward a firmer choice. We would expect most sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds to favour a delicate to medium delicate topper. 
The people who weigh somewhere in the range of 130 and 230 pounds like a medium to medium-firm choice, and people who weigh more than 230 pounds to float towards a medium-firm to the firm topper. 


The highest quality Mattress toppers for side sleepers generally measure somewhere in the range of 1 and 4 inches thick. The thickness of a bedding topper will decide how altogether it changes the rest surface.
More slender toppers customarily change the vibe marginally, while thicker choices give a more striking change. Side sleepers with bedding too firm frequently incline toward a thicker topper with adequate space to support their hips and shoulders. On the other hand, if the bedding is just all in all too firm, be that as it may, a more slender topper might get the job done. 

Tension Relief

Since side resting can prompt sharp strain focuses, pressure alleviation is frequently the real factor side sleepers search for in a topper. For ideal tension help, a topper should reallocate the side sleeper's weight so it is spread across the surface instead of being engaged around the most stretched out pieces of the body. 
Materials that form to the sleeper, similar to adaptable padding, polyfoam, and latex, ordinarily give the best strain alleviation, settling on toppers with these materials everyday decisions for side sleepers. Weight additionally assumes a significant part in pressure help. 
Sleepers under 130 pounds don't soak in as profoundly, so they might require a gentler topper to appreciate forming. The people who weigh more than 230 pounds may incline toward a firmer choice with the goal that they don't soak in.

What Can a Side Sleeper Do to Improve Their Sleep?

As well as utilizing a clincher with your ideal immovability level to change the vibe of crisscrossed bedding, side sleepers can work on their arrangement and lighten strain in alternate ways and they can also pick the best mattress topper for side sleepers mentioned above to get rid of this problem.

Utilize the Right Pillow for Your Neck

The ideal cushion for side sleepers will keep the head and neck level with the spine. Cushion space, or thickness, is a significant thought here. High-space pads that hoist the head and neck regularly meddle with the spinal arrangement. The equivalent is valid for low-space pads that cause the head to fall back excessively far. Thus, most side sleepers lean toward medium-space pads, which are by and considerable measure 3 to 5 inches thick. 

A few pads offer a flexible space, which means you can add or eliminate the fill on a case by case basis to arrive at your ideal thickness. So these pads might be the ideal choice in case you don’t know about your optimal space. 

Spot a Pillow Between the Knees

Your hips and lower back ought to be level with the head, neck, and shoulders to guarantee even arrangement and forestall pressure focuses from developing. This can be a concern for side sleepers since laying down with one leg on top of the other can cause the lower back and hips to sink lower into the bedding. Setting a cushion between the legs regularly further develops arrangement and decreases tension all the while.

Frequently asked questions

Is plush or medium better for side sleepers?

A soft to medium-firm mattress, ranging from a 3 to a 7, is best for most side sleepers, with most people having the best benefits in the middle of that range.

Is a memory foam topper best for side sleepers?

Memory foam molds evenly and relieves pressure across the body, according to testers. This design is appropriate for any sleep position, but it is especially beneficial for side sleepers who tend to put pressure on their shoulders and hips when sleeping.

Which mattress firmness is good for side sleepers?

A medium-soft to medium-firm mattress is ideal for a side sleeper. Side sleepers should be aware of hip and shoulder discomfort, as well as the right support provided by a medium-soft to the medium-firm mattress while gently cradling the hips and shoulders to avoid strain and damage.


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