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  6. What is the ideal thread count for these sheets?
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Best Luxury Percale Sheets

Do you appreciate fresh, lightweight sheet material that does cool and doesn’t wrap or stick to the body too intently?

Provided that this is true, you’ll most likely partake in the vibe of the best percale sheets which are available according to their specialties like Old-fashioned, Best Luxury, and Egyptian cotton Percale sheets. Considering the fact, that Percale is a weave of texture with a straightforward mismatch design utilized in the creation of bed sheets, pillowcases, blankets covers, and other sheet material adornments.

However, the yarns go one-under-one-over, making a very close construction that is smooth and strong which works best in the favor of its customer. Most percale sheets are likely to be made of 100% cotton textures, however now and then they are mixed with different textures like silk, manufactured, or rayon.

Strong Points

One of the strong points of our reviewed Best Percale sheets is that if you buy them once, the sheets feel fresh to the touch, and they get milder with each wash which somehow fulfills our reader’s requirement. Moreover, these old-fashioned finely woven bed sheets have a matte completion and are known for their breathability which works best for the hotel bedrooms aside from home bedrooms.

In addition, the mark-tight weave of “percale” gives the sheets a smooth vibe, making them famous and luxurious so they’re extraordinary for hot sleepers staying away from night sweats. When looking for percale sheets, beware of these standards to pick the best item for yourself. Material and Thread Count.

For your further information, Percale sheets and pillowcases are typically made of extra-long-staple (ELS) or long-staple cotton strands like Egyptian cotton percale sheets. The length of these filaments makes them appropriate for the percale weave. ELS and long-staple cotton feel gentler and silkier than short-staple cotton. 

Price analysis

Now you can buy your favorite percale sheets according to your comfort and budget. The prices vary from $50 to $1000 according to their quality. Aside from the price, there are a few other important factors which should be considered before buying the product like its benefits, differences between our reviewed best percale sheets, type of weaves used, instructions to be followed, and return policy of the product which can make your buying easy for you.

Because we care about our reader’s comfort and sweet dreams, we have reviewed a plethora of related websites and after reviewing feedback of customers on amazon, we listed the mentioned sheets as the best percale sheets to make sure it’s soft and comfortable enough to get good sleep and the customer won’t get disappointed after making the choice.

So without any delay, let’s discuss some of the best therapeutic percale sheets of 2021 which gives you hotel-quality feels, as listed below:

Our Top Best Percale Sheets


Millanni sheet set- Hotel luxury

Best Wrinkle Free
Millanni sheet set- Hotel luxury 1800 – 4 piece
  • Wrinkle-free.
  • Works well in both kinds of weather.
  • Doesn’t ruin the quality after washing.
  • Fits your bed.
  • It’s a bit pricey.
  • Do not wash it with hot water.
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Milanni sheet set is one of the comfortable and soothing bedsheets. Rest better and get up every early daytime feeling invigorated and ready to go. These are the sleek, delicate, generally agreeable, and extravagant bed sheets you can discover which are best for any room in your home be it guestroom, room, or kids’ room which is made of good quality microfiber.
The best thing is that it works according to the weather, it keeps you warm on cold nights and cold in warm weather. As well as you can get it in a variety of colors, shades, and patterns which can be an incredible present for your close ones like parents or neighbors.
It comes with 2 pillowcases, 1 fist-sized sheet, and 1 flat sheet. Moreover, it has 16-inch extra deep pockets so it can stretch as much as you want it to fit the mattress. It’s known to be soft in touch, wrinkle, and stain-free so there’s no stress or hassle to get it ironed after its wash.


LuxClub sheet set- bamboo sheet 

Best Cooling
LuxClub sheet set- bamboo sheet 
Best Luxury Percale Sheets
  • Breathability, air passes with no trouble
  • Keep cool for a longer time.
  • Easily machine washed
  • The fitting can be loose
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

These super-quality bamboo sheets with the blend of microfiber are extremely smooth and are allergenic-free, and can be washed in machines that are best for hotels. Their 4 pillows give your back more support to lie back and do your office work in bed.
The bamboo material of the fabric gives you a relaxing night at a reasonable cost with a wide range of shades and has 18 inch stretchable deep pockets so the mattress can make it fit and its Queen size 4pc bed sheets set comes with 1 flat sheet 90″x 102″, 1 fitted sheet 60″x 80″x 16, 2 pillowcases 20″x30″ and 16 inch deep pockets that fit mattresses.


Sonoro Kate bed sheet set super-soft luxury egyptian sheet

Best Comfortable
Sonoro Kate bed sheet set super soft- 1800 Thread count- luxury Egyptian sheet
  • Soft to touch.
  • Comfy.
  • Cleaned easily.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • Fitting hassle.
  • Don’t use bleach.
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Sonoro KateBedsheet is called a luxury Egyptian Sheet that is woven by expert craftsmen that are meant to be wrinkle and stain-free with a soft texture. Because of the elastic on the widths, it makes the sheet flexible according to the mattress size be it King/Queen size twin XL or twin size.
It is manufactured with an 1800 Series extra soft brushed microfiber texture, these super extravagant sheets are woven with the best craftsmanship. An awesome choice of tones will make your room appear classy.
Its user-friendly specialty makes it more special and this Queen Size 4pc bed sheets set comes with 1 flat sheet 90″x 102″, 1 fitted sheet 60″x 80″x 16, 2 pillowcases 20″x30″ and 16 inch deep pockets that fit mattresses.


Cotton Pure White Sheet

Best Budget
Cotton Pure White Queen sheet- 400 thread count
  • Affordable.
  • Easily cleaned.
  • Crispy
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

We all look for sheets that are long-lasting and give the hotel a luxurious feel. In the event that you love the extravagance and solidness of lodging bed sheets and the appearance of fresh pillowcases, you’ll venerate our breathable Cotton pure white Queen Sheets, 400-string count for your luxurious home or hotel room. It is soft as sateen weave is added with long-staple cotton which increases its life span and does not ruin the quality.
It’s found in different sizes like Twin, Twin XL in king-sized with 16-inch deep flexibility. It is made with cotton long staples and sateen weave. QUEEN Size includes 4pc Bed Sheets Set with 1 flat Sheet: 90″ W x 102″ L; 1fully stretchable fitted Sheet: 60 inches W x 80″ L and 16 inch deep pockets. Best color materials are utilized for shading speed. Suggested for an ordinary wash for unrivaled delicate quality.


Shilucheng bedsheet egyptian percale

Best Soft
Shilucheng bedsheet- 1800 thread count- Egyptian percale
  • Vibrant colors.
  • Relaxing.
  • Not Costly.
  • Smooth and soft.
  • Don’t use bleach.
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Shilucheng set is one of the Egyptian Percale kind which you can gift to your loved ones as it assures you warmth and comfort. These Bedsheets are ideally suited for property holders with refined preferences for beautifying home. The astounding shading resuscitates these bed sheets with an exquisite and better appearance than supplementing your room.
A stylish inclination will make your room seem as though it has a place in a magazine. Best for any room in your homeroom, visitor room, or kid’s room. Also, it makes sure that you don’t slip the whole night in your bed and have a perfect grasp on the mattress.
This sheet is made of high-quality microfiber and is available in many colors so you can pick according to your loved ones or your home décor. The Queen size comes with the measurements of extravagance 4pc Bed Sheets Set including 1 flat sheet 92″ x 102″, 1 fitted sheet 60″x 80″x 16″,2 pillowcases 20″ x 30″ and has a deep pocket of 16 inches.


Percale White sheet- 100% cotton 

Best Fitting
Percale White sheet- 100% cotton 
  • Comfy and soft because of cotton use.
  • Best Fitting due to elasticity.
  • Less shrinkage.
  • Made of thin material so it can tear up.
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

These white sheets are made of Percale weave which brings longevity to the sheet and makes it feel crispy. It has deep pockets with elasticity and fitness and can be washed in a machine gently, claiming to be 100% cotton.
The sheets are weaved utilizing top-notch Long-Staple Combed Cotton yarns in India, to make it the esteemed fresh percale 200 TC sheets in the business. Variety of tones to coordinate with your strong or printed duvet, blanket, or blanket set in white, ivory, wise, beige, dull blue (naval force blue), child blue, silver, and charcoal. It is OEKO-TEX certified and protects you from allergy and doesn’t fade away the color.
Say goodbye to uncomfortable sleep and insomnia nights as we have brought this amazing product for your good night’s sleep. High-quality fabric is used as yarns are woven one over one.
The Queen size comes with the measurement of the fitted sheet up to 16 inches which include 1 flat sheet, (90″X 102″), 1 fitted sheet (60″X 80″+15″), 2 piece Pillow Cases (20″X30″). Flat sheets and pillowcases have a z-hem fine stitch to facilitate your superior and élite feeling so you can also fit them to your relatives on events like Christmas or Valentine’s.


Pinzon Percale cotton sheet

Best Fabric
  • Excellent Fabric Quality.
  • Comfortable.
  • Elasticity.
  • Gets wrinkles often.
4Expert Score
Product Description

Percale cotton material is used in the manufacturing Pinzon sheet which is crisp and long-lasting as compared to sateen material. It is made of 300 thread count which is best for summers. However, in a percale weave, the strings go over and under in two opposite ways, making a tighter weave that offers remarkable strength and dependable great looks.
This twin sheet set contains pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet also that is OEKO-TEX certified which guarantees you its safety. When picking cotton sheets, the assortment of styles, textures, and sizes available can be overpowering.
It could be useful to start your shopping interaction by narrowing down alternatives by size. All things considered, you can just utilize sheets that are made for the bed size you have. Measurements of 73 x 102-inch flat sheet, 40 x 76 inch fitted sheet, and 20 x 31-inch standard pillowcase is the perfect fit for your mattress.


Millani 100% Organic cotton Flannel sheet set

Best Luxury Look
Millani 100% Organic cotton Flannel sheet set- 180GSM
  • Easily Cared for.
  • Luxurious Look.
  • Doesn’t shrink.
  • Do not wash with warm water.
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Millanni sheets are imported and made of organic cotton which is GOTS certified and meant to be durable at a reasonable price. Its velvety feel gives you a comfortable long sleep that doesn’t let you leave your bed and gives you elite feels. Moreover, the twofold brushed completion on the two sides gives an extremely soft feel that calms you to stay in bed solace and provides your cozy nights in cold weather in your luxurious home or hotel room.
The texture opposes shrinkage and is exceptionally colored, so colors stay brilliant and fresh. However, it has elasticity on its corners so it can stretch and fit the queen-sized mattress without slipping you at night and could have strong grips around the mattress. 

What are Percale Sheets?

Percale is a kind of weave used to make bedding, articles of clothing, and different items and is known to be a plain weave with a criss-cross design. They are mostly manufactured using cotton, however, this weave can likewise be utilized with polyester, rayon from bamboo, different types of fiber, and other various textures.

The yarns go one-under-one-over, making a very close construction that is smooth and solid making Percale sheets feel fresh to the touch and get gentler with each wash. These finely woven bed sheets have a matte completion and are known for their breathability.

How to choose Percale Sheets?

It seems like an easy job to look out for the best percale sheet but it’s not that piece of a cake. There are a couple of components to consider prior to choosing which set is appropriate for you which incorporate feel, string count, the pocket profundity of the fitted sheet, and simplicity of care. Below, we’ll clarify what each factor involves and how to assess distinctive sheet sets dependent on these criteria.

Few components to consider


Except if the strategy of percale sheets woven with the weft strings gliding over the twist strings in a tight way is utilized, then, at that point, the sheets ought not to be viewed as percale. Remember that a few brands incline toward the more customary “plain weave” name, which is identical to percale.


The feel of the Percale sheet is one of the important factors, as you should be looking out for a fresh surface with new Percale sheets. This can be ascribed to how firmly the strings are woven together. Relax on the off chance that they feel excessively harsh from the outset – the sheets and pillowcases will mellow with resulting washes. Percale is additionally generally lightweight since fewer strings are needed during the weaving system.


Always measure your mattress thickness before getting one Percale sheet for yourself as each fitted sheet is intended for sleeping mattress up to a specific stature, as shown by its “pocket profundity” estimation. Most fitted sheets have a pocket profile of somewhere around 14 inches, making them viable with most sleeping pads sold today, however, we suggest checking in any case.


The normal percale sheet set costs somewhere in the range of $70 and $150 so you might have the option to track down a great set for less, yet a large number of these things are produced using texture mixes, not unadulterated cotton. Then again, an extravagance sheet set can undoubtedly run you $500 or more. These incorporate things delivered from unadulterated Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and other very good quality textures.

Design, color, and pattern

This factor is surely artistic, yet critical to numerous customers. Percale sheets are found in a wide variety of designs, earthy tones, and brilliant shades. Contingent upon the brand, you might have to pay more for a few styles.

Thread count

When making a decision about a texture by quality a string count of 200 to 300 is a decent standard for percale sheets. String count isn’t really a pointer of value, particularly if the number appears surprisingly high.


Breathability is also one of the significant factors which should be on your lookout list. Due to its weaving technique, which creates a fabric that allows air to pass through more easily makes Percale sheets very breathable. It works best in hotter climates thanks to its moisture-wicking properties.

Ease of care

For your convenience, most Percale sheets can be washed and dried in home-based washing machines. But be careful about washing them more often in light of the fact that washing ruins the texture and lowers its quality. To make sure that material is not ruined and to expand your set’s life expectancy, consider line-drying your percale sheets and pillowcases as opposed to drying them in a machine.


We all go for things that last for long so cotton percale, in general, ought to be stronger than percale manufactured with fiber. In any case, the material won’t last in the long run. However, by the time the presence of little knocks of cotton on the texture’s surface, is a typical indication of wear. As your sheet set approaches the finish of its life expectancy, you may likewise see rips, and the fitted sheets might lose their elasticity. 

What type of Percale Sheets are available?

Percale sheets are normally made of 100% ELS or long-staple cotton, natural cotton, or mixed cotton. Whereas there are various kinds of percale sheets that have the mark of a cool and fresh feel, there might be a small difference in breathability and price.

  1. Standard
  2. Long-staple cotton
  3. Extra-long staple cotton
  4. Blended Percale
  5. Organic cotton

What are the pros and cons of Percale Sheets?

Before buying yourself the Best Percale sheet for your dorm, go through the pros and cons mentioned below


Percale sheets are meant to be breathable and lightweight due to its lower thread count. However, cotton percale is likewise spongy and will wick dampness away from the skin.

There is a kind of harmony among smooth and scratchy as it goes along with your life.

The tight weaved structure makes the material very tough and strong, particularly contrasted with sateen. 

Low-upkeep material which can be cleaned at home easily without any hindrance. 


The arrangement of percale makes the material flaw without any problem. A few brands debilitate pressing percale sheets, which implies you might have to smooth them the hard way.

Percale sheets are excessively rough and scratchy to few peopl.

Due to sheets produced using poor quality cotton, cotton mixes, and manufactured textures like polyester.

Percale is very breathable and appropriate for warm climates.

The texture is excessively thin and lightweight to protect you from the cold.

So you might need to get yourself a thick set of sheets to keep you warm in cold weather.

What is the ideal thread count for these sheets?

At least, percale sheets and pillowcases should have a string count of 180, however, the perfect string range for this material is 200 to 300.

On the off chance that the yarns are especially thick or the cotton staples are longer, the string count might be higher. In contrast to that, sateen’s slacker weave requires more strings to hold together, so this present material’s ultimate string count range is 300 to 600.

On the off chance that you see a bunch of percale sheets with a string count of 400 or higher, then, at that point odds are the things are made of two-ply material.

String counts of 600 or higher may show at least three plies. However, higher string counts frequently drive up the retail cost of sheets, and percale with at least two pliers isn’t really of preferable quality or more agreeable over single-ply material.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the typical price range for percale sheets?

The average percale sheet sets expenses somewhere in the range of $70 and $150.

Q2. How long do percale sheets last?

High-quality percale sheets can keep going for as long as 10 years.

Q3. How do I wash and care for percale sheets?

Let me explain in 9 easy steps:

  1. Maybe you should change your clothes washer or have these sheets expertly washed 

2) Wash with cold or warm water ( recommended).

3) If I were you I would try to use well-known clothing cleansers without refiners. 

4) I would say only utilize 1/4 to 1/3 of the suggested detergent sum on the crate or container 

5) Percale sheets can’t be washed with soap.

7) Never ever use chlorine blanch – it debilitates the cotton strands

8) Scouring your sheets with cold water.

9) The clothes washer is a machine that washes clothes. It cleans the clothes and removes the dirt. If yours has the choice of a brief flush cycle, use it to guarantee that any abundance of detergent is cleaned out. Overabundance cleanser will cause your percale sheets to feel scratchy.


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