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Best Backpacking Pillow For Side & Stomach Sleepers

An uncomfortable night in a tent may ruin even the most stunning outdoor getaways. Unpreparedness has its drawbacks, and sleeping without the best backpack pillow can lead to a kinked spine. Nobody wants to see you emerge from your tent with a bowed neck, like a monster from a horror film.

So, how can you prevent appearing like the girl from The Ring as you emerge from your backwoods shelter? First, of course, you’ll need the best backpacking travel pillow. Next, we’ll tell you all about the most excellent backpacking pillows available. The table below will show you which pads are optimal for your sleeping position, as well as the type of fluffy insulation they contain and how easily they can be packed up. Quality Backpacking pillows can be ultralight, luxurious, or both, and they can provide much-needed support for your neck.

We have reviewed many websites and are delighted to share our knowledge with you in the form of this Best Backpacking Pillows guide. So get yourself a good backpack pillow by reading the article below.

Top 8 Best Backpacking Pillow

Best Backpacking Pillow Detailed Product Description


Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

Best Travel Backpack Pillow
  • Made up of polyester
  • Provides good support to the head, neck, and back
  • It has lofty urethane fill
  • Stuffing is too lumpy
  • It takes time to dry after washing
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

For road trips, aircraft travel, camping, and backpacking, this polyester ultralight compressible hi-quality backpack travel pillow comes with soft foam filling folds down compact.
In intents, vehicles, airlines, and other hard-to-get-comfortable locations, foam filling expands into a 4-inch thick pillow for head, neck, and back support.
The drawstring and cord lock keep the cushion securely compacted in a backpack, bag, suitcase, or tote when not in use.
The lofty urethane fill is an upcycled byproduct of Thermarest mattresses, and the brushed polyester cover is gentle against the skin for comfort.
To be more trendy, this supreme backpack pillow comes in various sizes and colors. Shake and fluff before using to preserve loft and its machine washable too and produced in the USA


Rugged Camped Store Camping Pillow

Best Ultralight Backpack Pillow
  • It has an enhanced ergonomic design
  • It is puncture free
  • You can inflate it quickly in 3 to 5 breaths
  • Deflates immediately
  • The air leaks from it
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

You may quickly inflate this amazing backpack cushion by opening only the top valve without allowing any air to escape. Simply open the bottom valve when you’re ready to deflate, and air will flow easily out, allowing you to store your pillow into the supplied pouch quickly.
The enhanced comfort design of this quality backpack travel cushion is excellent for camping, backpacking, travel, and any other time you want to relax in style. You wake up revitalized and ready for the day because of the head and neck support. To relieve lower back and lumbar pain, use the inflated pillow as back support for your workplace chair. It can also be utilized on planes, trains, automobiles, and other vehicles.
The compressible backpack pillow is small, light, and compact, weighing only 2.75 ounces and inflating to a comfortable backpack sleeping pillow. So while hiking and traveling, wake up refreshed, wrap up into a carrying bag smaller than your palm, and take up almost no space in your backpack.
The inflated pillow evens out your sleeping surface, preventing you from being disturbed by rocks and trash on the ground. It’s constructed of water-resistant cotton knit. The dependable camping pillow can endure anything the outdoors has to throw at it, whether it’s snow or rain.
Suppose you enjoy the outdoors and understand the value of high-quality gear when you’re out exploring. As a result, the company guarantees complete satisfaction. Please let them know if you have any problems.


Allynx store Camping Pillow

Best Lumbar Support Backpack Pillow
  • Looks very stylish
  • Ergonomic design
  • Best backpacking pillow when it comes to size
  • Sometimes it feels tough
4.6Expert Score
Product Description

In just 3-5 breaths, inflate the cushion to a substantial 16 x 12 x 4-inch size (approx.). Then, in seconds, deflate the pillow by opening the valve. Thanks to innovative technology, you can alter the hardness of your specific sleep desire.
It folds down to 5×2 inches, about the size of a drink can. It’s lighter than a can of Coke, weighing only 3.9 oz (110 g). The smallest and lightest inflatable camp pillow available. This pillow is small enough to fit in your backpack or pocket. There’s no need to be concerned about your luggage gaining weight.
The ergonomic design provides sturdy neck and lumbar support and maximum comfort. One of the best backpacking pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers on the road, as well as long periods of sitting at work. Perfect travel companion and coworker.
It has TPU fabric that is highly robust and water-resistant. The backside fabric has rubber anti-slip dots and an extra fastening strap to keep your pillow from wandering around. The pad is your ideal backpack travel companion, whether you’re sleeping under the stars in the mountains, on the open seas in your boat, tenting in your favorite national park, or staying in a hotel on vacation.
Inadvertently, a stylish color with a subtle irregular geometric pattern reveals your fashion attitude.


MARCHWAY Ultralight Compact Inflatable Camping Pillow

Best Outdoor Camp Backpack Pillow
  • Ergonomic design
  • Inflated and deflates quickly
  • Very durable and comfortable
  • Best backpacking for hikers
  • They don’t hold air
  • Sometimes It immediately goes flat
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

It weighs 2.8 ounces, packs into a stuff sack the size of a palm, and inflates to provide pleasant head or lumbar support. This best backpack hiking pillow is small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack. Suitable for hikers and backpackers and travel by car, bus, train, and airplane.
Pillow fabric is a strong, durable, and water-resistant soft elastic polyester coated with TPU. Even in the dead of winter, it stays quiet. After traveling, simply wash with mild soap and water.
The curved contour supports your head and prevents it from slipping around. The bottom edge of the arc reaches the neck root, providing more robust neck support. Whether you sleep on your back or side, this is one of the best backpacking pillows for stomach sleepers to ensure a restful night’s sleep.
Inflate in 3-5 breaths thanks to the two-layer one-way valve. The upper layer valve is exclusively for air in and out when inflating. The lowest layer valve is solely for letting air out, and it can deflate entirely in 2 seconds. By blowing on the pillow, you can change the stiffness.
This ultralight backpack camp pillow can also be used as a lumbar support in the car or on a chair. It’ll be a great addition to your light camping gear. A thoughtful holiday present for family and friends.


UTTU Camping Pillow

Best Travel Backpack Pillow With Handbag
  • Best comfortable backpacking pillow comes with a washable cover
  • It can also work as a lumbar pillow on the chair
  • It takes time to expand
  • Way too soon
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

The travel pillow may be stored firmly by rolling this amazing backpack travel pillow inside the linked storage bag and pulling up the storage belt’s zipper. There’s no need to inflate, simply open and use. There’s an easy-to-carry handle that’s ready to go wherever you go.
During the travel, one-time molded high-quality memory foam with a gel may provide you with the most relaxed sleep. In addition, memory foam pillows match the body’s curvature better than cotton or inflatable pillows, reducing pressure on the body. So get a better night’s sleep on the go.
The UTTU ergonomic best backpack pillow’s cover is composed of high-quality fabrics, is fully removable and machine washable, and is simple to clean and maintain. Provide you with public convenience.
The UTTU travel pillow is ideal for business travels, vacations, camping, backpacking, and hiking, among other activities. The UTTU portable backpack pillow can also be used as a lumbar pillow for your chair. If you aren’t used to strange pillows while traveling, this is the pillow for you. 
The company offers a 96-hour money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty on quality-related issues. Please contact them if you are dissatisfied for any reason or if any quality issues arise.


Gold Armour Inflatable Camping Pillow

Best Neck Support Backpack Pillow
  • It comes with advanced inflate and deflate technology
  • Perfect backpacking pillow
  • Weighs only 4OZ
  • Deflates very quickly
  • Very small with less support
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

You will receive one additional pillow for the same price and quality that you may use to improve your lumbar support or give to a family member or friend.
While backpacking and hiking in the great outdoors, lounging on the beach, or flying, get a good night’s sleep with this best backpacking pillow.
PERFECT FOR A BACKPACKING PILLOW, WEIGHS ONLY [4 OZ] AND PACKS DOWN TO SMALLER THAN A SODA CAN. With this ultralight quality backpack inflatable pillow, you won’t have to worry about running out of space in your backpack. 
The pillow’s relaxed compressible construction lets you inflate it in just 3-5 breaths. Once you’re done, you may quickly deflate the cushion using the Quick Deflate feature, which releases air in seconds after use.
This supreme backpack cushion is a rugged, resilient material with anti-slip rubber dots that increase friction against any sleeping surface. This package also contains a latch strap that can be removed and attached to an inflatable mat.
Gold Armour is dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your purchase. However, if you are not, please contact them, and they will respond within 24 hours with a solution.  


REDCAMP Small Camping Pillows

Best Small Backpack Pillow
  • Very comfortable
  • Very easy to wash
  • Best backpack pillow for hiking
  • Very flat
  • The inside cover fell apart
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

This compact backpack travel pillow for camping is more comfortable and superior to an inflatable pillow because it is soft cotton filling.
These camping camp pillows weigh only 0.7 pounds. Although large, they take up little space and are easy to transport.
This outdoor best backpack camping pillow is portable and washable with a removable pillow cover and side zipper. The compact pad is simple to unroll, roll and put into the supplied stuff sack for travel.
They are used as a compact pillow for sleeping at home,  as the best backpacking pillow, a hiking pillow, a sleeping bag pillow, a hammock pillow, a compressible camping pillow, and a travel mini airline pillow. Adults, children, and toddlers, both boys, and girls. 
REDCAMP provides a 365-day limited manufacturer warranty. If there is a problem with the lightweight camp pillowcase, please notify them as soon as possible by email. They will give prompt and courteous service hopefully.


Gold Armour Inflatable Camping Pillow

Best Backpack Pillow For Neck Support
  • Best camping pillow for the comfortable sleep
  • Weighs only 4OZ
  • It comes with an excellent compressible design
  • Deflates very quickly
  • Not suitable for people suffering from neck pain
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Get a fantastic night’s sleep while trekking and hiking in the great outdoors, lazing on the beach, or flying.
You won’t have to worry about running out of space in your backpack with this best ultralight backpack inflatable pillow.
You can inflate the cushion in just 3-5 breaths because of its relaxed compressible composition. When you’re finished, utilize the Quick Deflate feature to instantly deflate the pillow, which releases air in seconds after use.
This hi-end backpack travel cushion is a rigid, durable material with anti-slip rubber dots that friction any sleeping surface. A latch strap is also included in this package, which may be removed and attached to an inflated mat.
Gold Armour is committed to ensuring that you are delighted with your purchase. If you are not, please get in touch with them, and they will react with a solution within 24 hours. 

Buying Advice for The Best Backpacking Pillows

Types Of Backpacking Pillows

Stuff sack pillows, inflatable pillows, compressible pillows, and hybrid pillows are the four primary varieties of backpacking pillows

Pillows That are Inflatable

The primary type of support for inflatable pillows is an air sack. On the plus side, they’re usually relatively light and packable, and they provide a reasonable comfort level. This makes them an excellent backpacking option. The disadvantage is that they might be unstable and unsupportive, like sleeping on a balloon. Another disadvantage is that they can be perforated

Pillows That Can be Comprossed

To give support, compressible pillows use some type of compressible fiber, synthetic foam or down feathers. Compressible pillows are the most like the ones you’re used to at home, which means they’re also the comfiest. The disadvantage is that they are big and heavy, making them unsuitable for ultralight trekking in most circumstances. However, if you choose comfort overweight, these may be the best option

Pillows With Hybrid Contruction

Hybrid pillows aim to combine the benefits of both inflated and compressible pillows while minimizing their drawbacks. Hybrid cushions include direct support in the form of an inflatable air sack, with a thin layer of compressible material against your face for added comfort. This helps to decrease the “balloon” impression, which is a big plus. However, this adds weight and makes the cushions less portable than pure inflatable pillows.

Manufacturers experiment with different combinations to obtain the perfect balance. For example, the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium and the NEMO Fillo Best Backpacking Pillow has a hybrid construction, yet their weights are drastically different. Under the face cloth, the former employs a tiny amount of down feathers, while the latter uses a one-inch thick piece of memory foam.

Pillows For Stuffing Sack

Pillows made from stuff sacks aren’t truly pillowed at all. Instead, they are sacks into which you can fill your garments or padding. A soft face fabric, such as polyester fleece, is frequently used. They are light, packable, and impervious to punctures. They’re also multi-functional, as they double as a stuff sack for storing goods when you’re not sleeping.

The disadvantage is that they are only as comfortable as the contents that you pack within them. Because down is soft and compressible, they operate best when filled with something like an insulated down jacket, but they will work with other garments as well, albeit not as comfortably. Then, of course, if it’s chilly outside, you might be wearing all of your clothes to bed, which means no pillow!

Fabrics Used

Because the face fabric is effectively the pillowcase on a backpacking pillow, the choice of face fabric can significantly impact how comfy the cushion is. Backpacking pillows come in several different materials, the most prevalent polyester and nylon.

Brushed Polyester or Fleece

The most comfortable face fabric is usually brushed polyester or fleece. This material is gentle on the skin and absorbs some moisture, so your drool or sweat won’t make the pillow uncomfortable to sleep on.


Ripstop nylon is a less pleasant option since it is more slippery or sticky than brushed polyester, making it a poor choice for those who drool at night, which is probably most of us. Of course, even slicker textiles, such as silk or rayon, should be avoided.

The Support and the Size

It’s a bit of an equilibrium act with this one. The lighter and more packable the pillow is, the smaller and thinner it is. A pillow that is too narrow or too thin, on the other hand, will give little support and may cause you to slip off it frequently throughout the night.


In terms of pillow width, most people should be fine with a hiking pillow that is 13-15 (33-38 cm) inches wide. If you are an extremely restless sleeper, though, you should consider scaling up. The majority of hiking pillows will be of comparable width. Pads designed for general camping (e.g., vehicle camping) will be more significant because the weight penalty is less of an issue.


Front sleepers should get away with a thinner cushion in terms of pillow height so that a stuff sack pillow might be a good choice for a front sleeper. However, side sleepers (and some back sleepers) will need extra support. Therefore thicker hybrid inflatables like the Sea to Summit Aeros Premium and Cocoon Hyperlight Air-Core should be considered.


The stability of the best backpacking pillows can vary substantially. The main issue is an inflated component, giving the pad an unsteady “balloon” feel. This isn’t a big task for most people, and letting a little air out of the pillow generally solves the problem.

If an unstable pillow is bothering you and causing you to lose sleep, consider a stuff sack pillow (if weight is an issue) or a compressible pillow (if weight isn’t an issue).

Weight of The Trail

There is no perfect lightweight backpacking recipe. Instead, each backpacker must decide for themselves what sacrifices they are ready to make to reduce the weight on their back – the lightest pillow, of course, is none at all. When you’re out trekking, though, a good night’s sleep is essential, and many people need the best backpacking pillow to sleep correctly.

Weight Reduction

Stuff sack pillows are the lightest alternative, weighing between 1.2 and 1.8 ounces on average. But, even better, the stuff sack may help store objects during the day. If you keep your sleeping bag in the stuff sack during the day, the marginal weight of carrying a pillow is nothing.

On the other hand, Stuff sack pillows make certain compromises in terms of comfort and support, especially for side sleepers. Several inflatable alternatives are slightly heavier than a stuff sack pillow and can provide better support.

Comfort Maximization

If you want to decrease trail weight, 2.8 ounces (80 grams) is the maximum suitable weight for a hiking cushion with current backpacking pillow technology. However, if you choose the best backpacking cushion that weighs more than a few ounces, you can rest easy knowing that you’re treating yourself to some luxury on the trail.

Packing Dimensions

Even though many backpacking pillows are similar in width when used for sleeping, their size can vary substantially when packed up during the day. This is due to the various materials used to support the pillow, with oxygen being the most compressible fill for packing.

Stuff Sack Pillow

A stuff sack pillow has a petite packed size, which is ideal if you want to use it for gear storage during the day.

Inflatable & Hybrid Pillow

 An inflatable or hybrid camping pillow’s packed size is usually relatively small, especially if the “hybrid’s” compressible component is a highly compressible substance like goose down (and often the down fill is a minor component anyhow).

Compressible Pillow

The bulkiest pillows are compressible pillows. Compared to some ultralight inflatables, the volume penalty can be severe, with the Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow having a packed volume of 5 to 10 times that of some ultralight inflatables. But this is the price you’ll pay for the extra convenience!

Noise (As Well As A Restful Night’s Sleep)

Some hiking pillows are unbearably loud, second only to noisy sleeping mats in terms of decibels. But this isn’t the case for everyone. If noise is an issue, a compressible pillow like the Therm-a-rest Compressible Pillow is as quiet as they get. Moreover, it’s as peaceful as your pillow at home, thanks to the use of compressible foam and soft materials.

Stuff sack pillows are likely to be the noisiest, especially those constructed of waterproof materials like Dyneema Composite Fabrics (DCF). Ultralight alternatives with crinkly nylon base materials are also available. Those should be avoided if you are a light sleeper.

Cleaning Instructions

Stuff sack, inflatable, and hybrid pillows are all relatively simple to clean. First, hand washes your pillow with soap or detergent and air dry it on a clothes rack (or something similar). If you’re cleaning an inflatable pillow or hybrid, remember to close the valve before washing it and then open it again before storing it for an extended period.

If your hybrid or compressible has down fill, you should use caution when selecting a soap or detergent, preferably one that is designed for washing goose down. Also, suppose your hybrid or compressible has a considerable foam component. In that case, you should allow more time for drying or double-check that the manufacturer’s washing instructions allow the compressible foam to get wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pillows do backpackers use?

The most popular backpacking pillows, according to the poll, are the NEMO Fillo best Backpacking Pillow. Aeros Pillow from Sea to Summit. Inflatable Pillow Klymit Pillow X

Is it worthwhile to invest in the best backpack traveling pillow?

Although some ultralight travelers may argue that camping pillows are unnecessary extra weight, most campers and overnight adventurers will agree that they are worth their weight. Especially on long journeys in the backcountry or in situations when a well-rested body is required to stay safe.

Which hiking pillow is the thickest?

If you’re searching for a thick pillow, know that the Exped Rem is the widest on the list while not being the comfiest. Compared to the Nemo Fillo, there are a few differences: the Exped Rem gives good comfort at a lower weight, but it packs much larger.

What Exactly should I consider while purchasing the best backpack hiking pillow?

A layer of insulation (fleece, down, or foam) will keep you much warmer and more comfortable between your head and the air chamber. Similarly, on hot summer nights, you’ll want to find the best backpack pillow with a soft fabric surface that will soak away sweat and keep you cool.

Is it worthwhile to invest in inflatable pillows?

While an inflated pillow saves space in your backpack, it also has certain drawbacks. They’re hot, won’t remain where you want them to, and when they over-inflate, it’s challenging to get the “genuine” pillow sensation. It’s better than nothing, but it’s far from perfect.

Is it possible to sleep in bed with a travel neck pillow?

These pillows are thick and firm, allowing you to sleep comfortably sitting up, as you would on an airplane. In addition, if sleeping on your back or side maintains your head aligned, you can do so.


Though there is a wide choice of the best comfy backpack pillows on the market suitable for all types of sleepers, not all of them are suitable for travel, particularly when backpacking. The best backpacking pillows are ideal for all sleep preferences, but make sure it’s not too bulky to bring on a backpacking trip. Make the proper and light decisions.

With all of the options mentioned, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your outdoor physical activities while still getting a well-deserved rest. All of the above best backpacking cushions and many more are available on Amazon for a very reasonable price.


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