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Best Buckwheat Pillow Reviews

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Best buckwheat pillow, they are also known as sobakawa, are Japanese inventions that are now used worldwide. Buckwheat hulls, the solid outer casings of buckwheat seeds, fill these pillows. The best Buckwheat pillows are sometimes compared to complex, dense bean bags because the hulls are firm but tiny and adhere closely to the head and neck.

The most excellent buckwheat hull pillows provide numerous advantages to sleepers. For starters, they are entirely customizable. To adjust how lofty and supportive the pad feels, you can add or remove hulls from the interior.

The hulls are also fairly durable, and many best buckwheat pillows producers sell extra hulls in bulk when customers need to restock. Another benefit is excellent temperature control. The hulls allow for consistent airflow throughout the center of the cushion, and many of these versions have breathable cotton or organic cotton covers.

We’ll discuss how sobakawa pillows came to be, how they’re made, how well they perform in various categories, and what to expect regarding sizing and pricing. Let’s start with our reviewed best buckwheat cushions.

Top 5 Best Buckwheat Pillow

Best Buckwheat Pillow Detailed Product Description


Lofe Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Best Buckwheat Pillow For Back & Side Sleepers
  • Keeps the head cool
  • Provides Great support
  • Adjustable Height
  • Best buckwheat pillow to relieve neck pain
  • Very Small
  • Strong Odor
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Common Buckwheat and Tartary buckwheat are two types of Buckwheat. The Tartary buckwheat aids in the clearing of heat-fire, the elimination of fatigue and tension, and the improvement of sleep quality. 
Neck discomfort and headaches can be relieved using the best buckwheat pillow packed with Tartary buckwheat hulls. They use excellent Tartary buckwheat hulls that have been heated. Assisting you in sleeping more safely and healthily.
Buckwheat Hulls give adjustable head and neck support for maximum comfort. Buckwheat is a healthful grain that improves memory, relieves stress and tension, and helps you sleep better.
The side zipper allows you to easily add or remove buckwheat filling and change the pillow’s height to your preference. Heat is repelled by the buckwheat hulls, allowing air to circulate between the husks.
Choosing a pillow is a deeply personal choice. You have the option to return this product if you are unhappy with it for any reason. You have no risk in purchasing. Now is nice the time to invest in a good night’s sleep and buy the best buckwheat pillow.


Gneric Organic Buckwheat Round Neck Roll/Cervical Pillow

Best Buckwheat Pillow For Neck Support
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Cool fabric
  • Supportive
  • Average size
  • Little hard
4.6Expert Score
Product Description

Cotton, bamboo, high-performance, or cool fabric make up the pillowcase. The inside filling is made entirely of buckwheat husk, which aids sleep and relieves pressure on the cervical spine.
The Best Buckwheat pillows provide excellent support and do not flatten. As a result, it can help you feel better and ease neck pain. For washing, the outer cover can be easily separated. The interior cover zips up, allowing you to add or remove buckwheat as needed.
Buckwheat has helped you reduce common sleeping problems by providing a removable and washable cotton cover as well as a filling buckwheat shell liner.
Ideal for neck, lumbar, and leg support, the roll pillow is A skin-friendly, moisture-wicking pillow that will help you sleep better. Buckwheat hull filler was used to make this product.


ZEN CHI Buckwheat Pillow

Best Buckwheat Pillow For Muscle Tension
  • Best buckwheat pillow to release muscle pain
  • Best Buckwheat pillow for snoring
  • It can help release stress
  • Odor-free
  • The smell will take about 2 weeks to vanish
  • Not filled enough
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

The Super Buckwheat Pillow is free of chemicals and odors and comprises 100 percent organic buckwheat hulls that stimulate air circulation and provide a natural cooling effect.
Organic Buckwheat fits naturally to the shape of your head, neck, and spine, providing maximum comfort and support.
All-Natural Therapy- may help with muscle discomfort and tension, stiff neck, headaches, and stress, among other things.
The best buckwheat cushions can be adjusted to improve alignment and reduce snoring for better sleep quality.
100% Organic and Refillable, customize the number of buckwheat hulls to meet your specific requirements.


kikafok Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Best Buckwheat Pillow To Use While Driving
  • Best buckwheat pillow to use while driving
  • Fine buckwheat cushion for reading
  • Soft texture
  • Long-lasting
  • It has a plastic-type smell
  • Zippers are weak
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

You can simply wash and clean the inside of this pillow by separating it from the pillowcase. In addition, you can vary the pad’s height by pouring buckwheat pods, and you can put your head and neck in a comfortable posture by separating the pillow from the pillowcase.
For better air circulation, the buckwheat shell is pyramid-shaped. Avoid sweating. It keeps warm in the winter and cools in the summer to ensure maximum sleeping comfort.
The best buckwheat pillow can be used in bed when reading a book or watching TV, at work or driving, or in a stroller as back support.
The quality buckwheat cushions are well ventilated and have excellent air circulation. The pillowcase is constructed of high-quality, thick cotton fabric with a soft texture, good air permeability, no static electricity, and is long-lasting. In addition, it is filled with a clean, dust-free buckwheat shell that has an anti-allergic effect.
The hi-end Buckwheat pillows are made with the highest quality materials for optimal comfort, durability, and versatility. Buckwheat pillows are packaged in a purse that can be presented as a gift to family, friends, coworkers, and relatives.


Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow

Best Buckwheat Pillow To Support Neck & Shoulders
  • Provides firm support
  • Best buckwheat pillow to support neck and shoulders
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Easy adjustment
  • It’s hard
  • Has a tiny sharp object
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

This amazing Buckwheat Cylinder Neck Pillow is made with organic USA-grown buckwheat hulls. The cylindrical shape easily contours around your neck and shoulders, providing firm support.
The pillow features a zipper opening for easy adjustment and is covered in a sturdy cotton canvas casing made from organic cotton fibers. It’s handmade in the USA.

What Is a Buckwheat Pillow?

In Japan, buckwheat pillows, also known as sobakawa, are stuffed with hulls, the hard outer casings of buckwheat seeds. Hulls can be added or withdrawn from the interior to modify the loft or thickness. As a result, buckwheat pillows are adaptable and appropriate for both side and back sleeping, with the hulls remaining firm regardless of fill volume.

The best Buckwheat pillows have several other advantages for sleepers. Unlike synthetic fillings, hulls do not trap body heat, allowing the pad to sleep cool. Hulls are also naturally hypoallergenic, making them an excellent choice for those allergic to down, feathers, or latex. 

In addition, quality buckwheat pillows have a long lifespan since the hulls are incredibly robust; most pillow makers sell extra hulls in bulk when it’s time to renew your supply. Finally, although the hulls will never need to be cleaned, most amazing buckwheat pads have cotton covers that can be cleaned and dried in your home machines.

Using a buckwheat pillow does have some disadvantages. Most sleeper concerns originate from how firm these pillows are, too stiff for some individuals. The hulls may also have a robust initial odor that takes several days to fade away. Some people may be concerned about their weight because buckwheat pillows can weigh up to 12 pounds when fully loaded.

Continue reading to find out more about the best buckwheat pillows. This guide will cover crucial considerations for first-time buckwheat pillow consumers, buckwheat pillow benefits and drawbacks, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding these items.

What to Look for in a Buckwheat Pillow

We recommend researching different brands and models to evaluate how they compare construction, size, and pricing before picking the best buckwheat pillow to buy. The majority of buckwheat pillows on the market now are very similar, but there are a few key differences to be aware of.

What to Think About When Buying The Best Buckwheat Pillow

The most appealing feature of amazing buckwheat pillows for most people is their simplicity of adjustability. Hulls can be added or removed to adjust the thickness and support of the cushion, and most companies provide bulk hull shipments at reasonable prices when it’s time to replace your fill. Extra hulls will cost between $5 and $15 per pound.

People who favor natural items would appreciate buckwheat pillows. Many types are made with organic cotton covers and hulls that have been produced and harvested without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. If you come across a buckwheat pillow that claims to be organic, make sure to look for certificates. 

Two of the most well-known certification agencies for items created from organic materials are the Global Organic Textile Standard and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Other claims about buckwheat pillows should also be taken with a grain of salt. Some companies say that changing the loft will change the stiffness of the pad. However, this is a little misleading. 

Buckwheat pillows can be modified for loft, but because of the natural hardness of the hulls, they will remain a firm to substantial feel. Despite some brands claiming to be suited for all sleep positions, Buckwheat pillows are less than optimal for many stomach sleepers due to their thickness and stiffness.

We propose focusing on the following elements instead of relying on claims and assertions from buckwheat pillow sellers.


The majority of buckwheat pillows are made to be adjustable in the loft. The hulls are housed in a linen pouch with a zippered outer cover that provides access to the interior. Because side sleeping requires more loft than back sleeping, this level of adjustment is especially beneficial for persons who sleep in different positions.


Because buckwheat hulls are relatively firm, these pillows are ideal for side and back sleepers. The hulls adapt to the body without sinking too far, ensuring powerful head and neck reinforcement. Depending on the sleep position you employ, adjusting the loft by adding or removing hulls might make the pillow seem more supportive.

Level of Firmness

The majority of buckwheat pillows are firm to very firm. Some people prefer the firmness and support of the pillows, while others find them too stiff and cumbersome. Pillows packed with a mixture of buckwheat hulls and softer material that gives more excellent cushioning, such as the Sachi Organics Rejuvenation Pillow in our top picks, are an exception.

Pressure Reduction

Side sleeping usually necessitates a higher pillow loft to keep the head and neck straight with the spine. With their large volume of hulls, Buckwheat pillows are excellent for relieving pressure on side sleepers. In addition, because back sleeping helps to straighten the spine, it doesn’t require as much loft to alleviate strain.


Like other types of cushions offered in North America, Buckwheat pillows come in regular, queen, and king sizes. Smaller sizes inspired by traditional Japanese sobakawa pillows are also available from some brands. Body pillows with buckwheat hulls are incredibly unusual; however, certain brands offer them.


In a queen or king-size, a buckwheat pillow costs between $50 and $150. Choosing a smaller, traditional sobakawa size saves money for most shoppers. When buying hulls in bulk, you’ll generally pay $5 to $15 per pound; in some situations, buying shipments of 10 pounds or more will save you money per pound.

Materials of High Quality

Buckwheat hulls are incredibly long-lasting, although the pillows will eventually flatten, necessitating at least one bulk hull purchase before the cushion reaches its end of life. Take care to look at the cover composition as well. Cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo rayon are standard buckwheat pillow covers.


The hulls conform to the body pretty well. The sensation of a buckwheat cushion is often compared to that of a hard beanbag. The pillow will mold very tightly to the head and neck because of the small hulls, providing more significant support and pressure reduction.

Temperature Control

The ability of these pillows to maintain a constant temperature is one of its most vital features. Unlike conventional fill materials, the hulls enable consistent airflow throughout the inside and do not trap body heat (such as foam). The majority of buckwheat pillows also have permeable cover materials.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Best Buckwheat Pillows?


  1. The interior of the best buckwheat pillows can be changed for loft by adding or removing hulls. These pillows are perfect for anyone who likes a thicker cushion one night and a less lofty pillow the next.
  2. Buckwheat pillows have a longer than usual lifespan because of the hulls’ durability. Most brands also sell extra hulls in bulk.
  3. These pillows are perfect for hot sleepers since the hulls allow regular airflow to maintain a pleasant core temperature. Most buckwheat pillows are also covered in breathable cotton or rayon from bamboo.
  4. Because of their flexibility and the inherent stiffness of their hull content, buckwheat pillows provide unrivaled support.


  1. Buckwheat pillows are most commonly criticized for being overly firm. But unfortunately, you won’t be able to modify the stiffness of the cushion by adding or subtracting hulls, unlike the loft.
  2. Buckwheat pillows are more expensive than other pillow varieties. Models in the regular and queen sizes cost between $50 and $150 on average.
  3. New buckwheat pillows have a strong odor potential; the hulls have a unique, earthy odor that can linger for several days after you unpack the pillow.
  4. Buckwheat pillows have a lot of noise potential as well.
  5. As the hulls mold to the head and neck, they make a rustling sound, which some sleepers find annoying.

Who Would Benefit from a Buckwheat Pillow?

A buckwheat pillow is ideal for anyone who desires extraordinary firmness and strong support for their head and neck. In addition, you can modify the thickness of your cushion on a nightly basis because these pillows have an adjustable loft. Other sleepers who are or are not good candidates for buckwheat pillows include:

Sleepers on their sides

A high buckwheat pillow helps assist spinal alignment for side sleepers by conforming to the head and neck while retaining solid support. Because flatter pillows can cause problems with spinal alignment, side sleepers often feel more pressure when using them. The best buckwheat cushion for neck discomfort will keep your head and neck aligned by supporting them without sinking too much.

Those that sleep on their backs

Buckwheat pillows with a medium loft are the most pleasant for back sleepers. This aligns their head and neck with the rest of their body, reducing pressure points and preventing pain in the shoulders.

Allergy Sufferers

Buckwheat allergies affect a small percentage of the population. However, people who are allergic to latex, down, feathers, and other pillow fill materials may find buckwheat pillows to be a suitable alternative.

Those Who Sleep Hot

The best Buckwheat pillows keep you cool as you sleep. Unlike foam or down, the hulls do not absorb and trap body heat, and air circulates freely throughout the interior. The majority of these pillows also come with breathable fabric covers.

Who isn’t a good fit

Plush Pillows: Those Who Prefer Them

Buckwheat pillows are often extremely firm, even when the hull fill is supplemented with softer wool or cotton batting materials. However, this is seen as their most divisive quality. Many individuals appreciate the great firmness and support, but some find the pillows too stiff and uncomfortable.

Sleepers on their stomachs

Most stomach sleepers prefer pillows with a low to medium loft. If the cushion is too thick, the head and neck may be forced to rest in an awkward position. In addition, stomach sleepers often prefer a plusher sensation. Buckwheat pillows are comfortable for some stomach sleepers, but they are the minority.

Those Who Sleep Lightly

The pillow will make a soothing rustling sound as the hull contour the head and neck. People who are easily awakened by noise may have their sleep disrupted due to this.

What Are Sizes of Buckwheat Pillows Available?

The majority of buckwheat pillow manufacturers provide a variety of sizes, including western and classic styles. However, buckwheat pillows are not as commonly available as other pillow kinds, and depending on your budget, you may be limited to a small number of dealers. Buckwheat pillows are available in the following sizes:


Although there is considerable variation from brand to brand, a standard rectangle cushion measures 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. The standard is one of the most common pillow sizes for people who sleep primarily still and don’t toss, turn, or change positions frequently.

Exceptional Quality

The dimensions of a super standard are 20 inches broad by 28 inches long. This size is appropriate for folks who like the standard size but want a few more inches of the room; however super standards aren’t prevalent.


The dimensions of a queen-size pillow are typically 20 inches wide by 30 inches long. Queens, like standards and kings, are widely available and popular. If criteria are too narrow and kings are too large, this size is a decent “middle of the road” option.


The average king-sized pillow is 20 inches wide by 36 inches long. This size is ideal for persons who constantly toss and turn or change positions while sleeping. If you share a mattress with another person, you’ll need a larger bed to fit two king-size pillows.


Buckwheat body pillows are uncommon, but they can be found through some merchants. Because the hulls mold so well, these pillows are ideal for side sleeping and cuddling with a cushion. On the other hand, Buckwheat body pillows are hefty, weighing more than 20 pounds when fully loaded.


Many buckwheat pillow brands offer “Japanese” or “personal” versions that are slightly smaller than the standard, keeping with the traditional sobakawa design. They function well as knee and leg bolsters and can sleep if you don’t require much width.

Buckwheat Pillows: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prices of buckwheat pillows?

Buckwheat pillows range from $50 to $150 in a regular or queen size, making them more expensive than other pillow varieties. The majority of manufacturers also sell hulls in bulk for $5 to $15 per pound.

What is the best way to clean a buckwheat pillow?

To clean a buckwheat pillow, drain the hulls entirely; we recommend storing them in a substantial container like a plastic bucket or pail. The cover will be made of cotton, rayon from bamboo, or other machine-washable textiles for most models, making it simple to clean at home. Never try to clean the hulls.

May you tell me where I can get the best buckwheat pillow?

Buckwheat pillows are very uncommon, but their growing popularity has increased availability in North America. Consider purchasing a pillow from a Japanese firm if you want a standard size; some domestic manufacturers provide these sizes, but they are not as prevalent.

When it comes to buckwheat pillows, how long do they last?

Buckwheat pillows can last a long time if properly cared for and maintained. The most common concern with lifespan is cover degradation. You may need to replace the cover when the fabric wears out over time. However, the hulls are pretty resilient, and most buckwheat pillow manufacturers sell extra hulls in bulk.

Is it possible to modify the height of buckwheat pillows?

The loft and support of buckwheat pillows can be adjusted completely. To vary the thickness of the cushion, simply add or remove the hulls. However, regardless of how many hulls are used, most buckwheat pillows are very firm, and their feelings cannot be changed.

Is there an odor to buckwheat pillows?

The hulls may have a unique, earthy odor when the pillow is young. The hulls will lose their smell over time, but it may take a week or longer for the aroma to disappear completely.

What are the uses of buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat groats, or hulled seeds, are boiled and eaten like bulgar or porridge, while the seed hulls are used to stuff pillows and other upholstered items. Buckwheat hulls are popular for pillows because they are the natural fabric that does not absorb or reflect heat like synthetic fibers.


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