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Best Knee Pillow

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Best knee pillow are popular choices among sleepers who want to improve their comfort while lying down. Knee pillows are little cushions designed to be placed beneath the knees. 

Knee discomfort can be relieved by placing The best knee pillow between your legs when sleeping on your side or beneath your knees while sleeping on your back. Many best knee cushions are made to fit between the legs, which helps in good hip and spinal alignment.

8 Top Knee Pillows We Have Found On the Web

Best Knee Pillow Detailed Product Description


Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow

Best knee pillow for pain removal
  • Ventilated memory foam
  • Best knee pillow for back pain
  • Orthopedic leg pillow
  • Temperature regulating foam technology
  • Pillow is hard
  • Not fit for heavy people
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

Orthopedic leg pillow to relieve discomfort in the neck, hip, leg, knee, and sciatica pain. As a side sleeper, you don’t sleep perfectly straight. As a result, your upper leg falls in front of you, placing strain on your back, twisting your hip joints, and creating knee pain. The Contour Legacy Pillow is an excellent leg pillow cushion for those seeking relief since it gently supports your legs and knees while you sleep, preventing painful pressure points.
When the company first invented this amazing leg pillow in the early 1990s (the hourglass shape that numerous companies have since copied), their goal was to enhance sleeping posture and reduce pain. The leg cushion was designed to alleviate the pressure generated by incorrect sleeping posture, which can be rather painful. However, they discovered years later that cushioning and supporting both your legs and knees is crucial for maintaining proper alignment and decreasing pain.
Unlike regular memory foam leg pillows, which collect your body heat and compress, the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow is made with vented air holes in the memory foam that allow air circulation throughout the night. In addition, the temperature-regulating foam technology disperses heat away from your body to keep you from overheating.
Unlike standard knee pillows, the Contour Legacy features an ergonomic design with soft curves and a crescent form that is comfortable for both men and women. In addition, the cushion’s precise tether conforms to the natural curve of your legs, eliminating the need for damaging, circulation-restricting straps. This allows this best knee pillow to mold your body without restricting movement or forcing you to sleep in a particular position.


Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow for Sleeping

Best knee pillow to prevent knee clashing
  • Provides cool sleep
  • 2 pairs of memory foam earplugs
  • Best knee pillow for back pain
  • Provides pressure relief for lower body
  • Only supports the thigh, not knee joints
  • Way too thick
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

Leg cushion comprises soft yet dense memory foam that conforms to the curve of your lower body, providing knee and leg support.
Its hourglass shape makes it ideal for use between the legs when sleeping. In addition, a dual-curved design separates each leg for a comfortable resting position.
The best knee pillow for side sleepers gives a comfortable, supporting base for their lower bodies, alleviating pressure and tension in the hips, legs, and lower back.
Lying down and sleeping might be problematic during pregnancy. This amazing knee pillow for side sleepers aids in maintaining a comfortable sleeping position.
Back pain is frequently caused by poor sleeping posture. Use these hi-end knee pillows to keep your spine correctly oriented for maximum comfort when sleeping for back discomfort.
Even if you move a lot during the night, the adjustable strap on the knee wedge cushion will keep it from shifting, offering constant support as you sleep.
They have included 2 pairs of memory foam earplugs with every one of their quality knee pillows, whether you’re sleeping at home or on the road, to help you enjoy the restful sleep you deserve. In addition, the soft and airy material of this knee and leg pillow for the lower back allows air to flow, resulting in a more relaxed sleep.


ComfiLife, The Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Best knee pillow to relieve back pain
  • Premium high-density memory foam
  • Ergonomically contoured design
  • Best pillow for Sciatica, Back and Hip Pain Relief at Night
  • Provides maximum support
  • Goes flat
  • It slips out
4.2Expert Score
Product Description

The ergonomically designed best knee cushion fits easily between your knees and gives optimal support and relaxation during the night, reducing sciatica discomfort and lower backpressure. The ComfiLife knee pillow is intended to assist in easing back pain while sleeping; however, it may not be effective in all cases or eliminate all symptoms or pain. In addition, it could take a few days for your body to acclimatize to sleeping with a perfect knee pillow and observe the effects.
Superior to other pillows, this pillow is made with 100 percent high, Quality, durable cut memory foam to deliver long-lasting relaxation for hours.
The ergonomic contoured shape increases circulation while sleeping by keeping your legs, hips, and spine perfectly aligned.
The pillow’s breathable zippered cover keeps it cool and is machine washable for convenience.
Tons of happy consumers all over the world rely on ComfiLife. Their first concern is to ensure that you are delighted. If you’re not completely happy, they provide a no-questions-asked Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.


5 Stars United Store, Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

Best knee pillow for spine adjustment
  • You can use this pillow after surgery
  • Eliminates restless leg syndrome
  • Anti-pilling case
  • Convenient knee pillow for side sleepers and pregnant women
  • Only suitable for petite women
  • Not comfortable for side sleepers
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

This knee divider divides the upper and lower knees and produces the proper spacing between them, allowing you to sleep all night peacefully. In addition, the orthopedic pillow’s therapeutic impact allows you to properly align your spine and alleviate pressure while sleeping, ensuring a complete and pain-free wakeup. This is an excellent alternative to a back pillow for lower back pain. Side sleepers and pregnant women will appreciate this feature.
The premium-grade memory foam pillow has a subtle lemon aroma manufactured from high-density materials. The best knee cushion’s thermal dependence for sleeping makes it softer under the effect of heat, allowing you to relax during deep sleep fully. Ideal for use with sleeping pillows, wedges, body pads, and half-moon pads. It comes with a non-temperature sensitive washable and breathable anti-pilling case.
Eliminates restless legs syndrome, lowers waist stress during pregnancy, aids in the recovery from surgery or medical treatment, and promotes blood circulation for side sleepers. The product’s practical form also allows you to use it as a chest stand when using a laptop or to read a book. It is necessary to air out the pillow for 48 hours before using it, as a sudden change in temperature (from hot to cold) might cause the pad to become firm. 
Orthopedists, chiropractors, surgeons, neuropathologists, physical therapists, and sports trainers all recommend using this best knee pillow for side sleepers after surgery or regularly to keep your body healthy and live a better life. The ergonomic cushion structure provides long-lasting comfort. The pillow, placed between the legs, provides knee support to ease muscle and vertebral pain, relieve pressure points, promote blood circulation, and reduce sciatic nerve pain and varicose veins.
5 out of 5 US citizens want you to be delighted with their sleeping knee pillows. Return their product for a full refund if it does not work for you for any reason. In addition, you will receive an exclusive cashback, no questions asked. By ordering today, you are taking no risks!


Comforever store Leg Pillow for Sleeping Hip Pain

Best knee pillow for back sleepers
  • Unique Contour design
  • Best knee pillow to gift to your parents
  • High-density memory foam
  • Bamboo breathable cover
  • No support
  • Very hard
4.1Expert Score
Product Description

Leg pillows for sleeping conform to the spacer between your legs properly. Placing an ankle pillow between your knees and elevating your legs for 15 minutes while resting or sleeping improves blood flow, decreases varicose veins, and speeds up post-surgery recovery. In addition, it soothes neck and back pain, helps muscles relax, and allows you to rest during deep sleep thanks to the balanced support of the head, waist, hips, and knees.
The leg spacer pillow has a removable and washable cover that is incredibly soft, breathable, and skin-friendly, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably.
The inner sleeve dries fast, providing 100 percent dust protection.
The Memory Foam Knee Pillow is ideal for side sleepers who alleviate pain while sleeping. Simply place this best knee pillow for side sleepers between your knees and sleep on the side that feels most comfortable. This amazing knee pillow can be utilized while sitting on a chair, sofa, or couch to provide cushion and lumbar support for lower back and sciatica nerve pain relief. In addition, it’s beneficial for pregnant ladies who want to alleviate waist pain while expecting.
Made with 100 percent premium quality visco-elastic memory foam that has no odor and delivers long-lasting comfort for the lower back, legs, knees, ankles, and hips.
Unlike other leg contour pillows, it won’t become flat over time and provides ideal support and spinal alignment.
This is the best contour knee pillow and is an ideal present for parents, office workers, teachers, friends, and families who are suffering from leg, knee, ankle, and hip pain.
This super side sleeper’s knee cushion is heat and weight-sensitive: The firmness of memory foam products varies depending on the temperature. In warm weather, your spine-aligned pillow will feel softer, and it will feel firmer in cold weather. For super performance, keep the room temperature at 18°C. Do not expose yourself to sunshine.
Without any reservations, give it a shot right now.


Sleep Yoga Knee Pillow for Back Sleepers & Side Sleepers

Best knee pillow for side sleepers
  • Provide ultimate comfort
  • Maintains the shape
  • Dual sleep neck pillow
  • Great knee support pillow
  • Goes Flat
  • Lumpy
4Expert Score
Product Description

The Sleep Yoga Knee Pillow is ideal for resting on your back or side. This quality Knee Pillow may be used in various ways to provide maximum comfort: between your knees for hurting knees and ankles, as an under-knee pillow to support lower legs, and as a back and hip pillow when sleeping.
The pillows are covered in a Cotton and Coolmax blend fabric that is soft, absorbent, resistant, and highly sturdy, either wet or dry. In addition, each cushion is hypoallergenic and machine washable, and dryable on a low setting for easy care.
Excellent knee support for both back and side sleeping; can also provide comfort between the knees.
Sleep Yoga is the best posture-improving sleep goods line made for the modern age, and it is inspired by the practice, benefits, and lifestyle of Yoga. A chiropractor, sleep goods expert, and an industrial designer collaborated to meticulously and artistically create every angle, contour, and surface to suit diverse body dynamics and assist maintain correct body posture even while you sleep.
The designs are unique, creative, and, most importantly, comfortable. Each Sleep Yoga­ Posture product is created in the United States and features a patented alternative filling.
As a consequence, you’ll have a sleep product with a level of quality and benefits you’ve never seen or experienced before. So, Hello again, you will incorporate Sleep Yoga into your peaceful existence.


Vaunn Medical Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Best knee pillow for Sciatica pain relief
  • Premium high-density memory foam
  • Breathable 
  • Promotes spinal alignment
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Too small
  • It is too light
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Vaunn is your distinctive symbol for Quality and integrity in the medical area. They place a premium on high-quality materials, design, and craftsmanship. In addition, each product is thoroughly tested to ensure that it met or exceeded safety requirements.
An ergonomically designed knee cushion fits easily between your knees and gives optimal support and comfort at sleep. Reducing sciatica discomfort and lower backpressure.
Superior to other pillows, this best knee pillow is made with 100 percent high, Quality, durable cut memory foam to deliver long-lasting relaxation for hours.
The ergonomic contoured shape increases circulation while sleeping by keeping your legs, hips, and spine perfectly aligned. The pillow’s breathable zippered cover keeps it cool and is machine washable for convenience.
Customer happiness is their first goal, so if you’re not completely satisfied, they will refund your money, no questions asked!


CosyTech Knee Pillow for the Sciatica Pain Relief

Best knee pillow for side and back sleepers
  • Best knee pillow to support back, ankles, feet, and neck
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy to clean cover
  • Anti-pilling cover
  • Little harder than normal
  • Goes flat
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

The leg cushion is constructed entirely of high-density memory foam that will keep you comfy for an extended period. In addition, these amazing knee pillows for sleeping are superior to regular knee pillows in that they do not flatten over time and give ideal support and spinal alignment.
The back, knees, ankles, feet, and neck can benefit from the best knee pillow. Use this semicircular cushion in four different positions to relieve and prevent discomfort while also improving body alignment: between your legs, lower waist, knees, and legs. This back pain knee pillow can also be used as a lumbar pillow in business chairs. In addition, it can be worn under the neck to provide additional support when sleeping.
The ergonomically curved knee pad structure fits perfectly between legs for sleeping and is suitable for both back and side sleepers. Your backside, waist, spine, hips, legs, knees, and sciatica are all supported by the back support cushion. It could be beneficial for knee and sciatica pain alleviation.
The best knee pillows for sleeping can relieve hip discomfort and contain a non-pilling, hypoallergenic, washable, and breathable anti-pilling cover that is not temperature sensitive. For easy cleaning, the leg pillow is machine washable.
Their primary concern is customer happiness. They are pretty confident in the knee pillow’s Quality. However, if you are not happy with their products or services for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact them. They will respond to your request within 24 hours.

What is the use and purpose of the best Knee Pillow

The best Knee pads are used to make sleeping more comfortable. They do so by assisting in maintaining a comfortable body position by improving spinal alignment, lowering pressure, and maintaining a pleasant body position.

Many people benefit from or could benefit from utilizing a knee pillow while sleeping. Knee pillows, for example, are popular among side sleepers and pregnant women.

Some folks place their regular bed pillows beneath or between their knees. While this is likely to be comfortable, and exceptionally designed knee cushion is more comfortable and less bulky. The best Knee pillows are also typically ergonomically designed to fit between a person’s legs and are much smaller than traditional bed pillows.

Side sleepers frequently utilize knee pillows, which are positioned between their legs. On the other hand, back sleepers are more prone to sleep with knee pillows under their knees. Finally, stomach sleepers are unlikely to utilize or require knee pillows.

If a side sleeper does not use a knee pillow, their spine may become crooked, causing hip, knee, or lower back pain. An ideal knee cushion can assist you in realigning your body, and reducing joint pressure and pain.

What to Hunt for in the best Knee Pillow

Although the best knee pillows of different brands may appear to be the same at first glance, they differ in materials, construction, and features. As a result of these differences, some people are more at ease with particular knee pillows than others.

When looking for an ideal knee cushion, it’s vital to keep your needs and attributes in mind. For example, your chosen sleeping position, body weight, and financial constraints determine the best cushion for you.

What to Think About When Buying a Knee Pillow

There are various factors to consider while shopping for the best knee pillow. Knowing what to look for might save you time and help you select the best knee pillow for you. Unfortunately, some sleep product makers, like knee pillows, employ flowery, difficult-to-understand language when marketing their wares. For example, they may make their knee cushions sound fantastic without revealing much factual information about them by using flowery language. 
Instead of focusing on vague advertising claims, we recommend that you focus on the specific qualities of knee pillows. Your body and personal tastes will determine which pillow is ideal for you.
We'll look at the numerous aspects to consider when searching for knee pillows in this part. You'll be better prepared to evaluate the different knee pillow options on the market if you have a better grasp of shape, support, firmness level, and other factors.


Many knee pillows are designed to fit comfortably between the legs of the user. For example, a knee cushion that fits between a person’s thighs or runs the length of their calves is ideal for side sleepers. Knee pillows in cylinder and wedge pillows are also available for back sleepers who place a pillow beneath their knees.


Knee pillows come in various thicknesses and degrees of firmness, with the amount of aid supplied is directly related to the pillow’s thickness and hardness. Pillows that are thicker and firmer generally give more support. Heavy people typically require more significant support, while lighter people can function with thinner, softer cushions.

Level of Firmness

Knee pillows, unlike mattresses, are rarely rated for firmness. Instead, companies typically utilize subjective phrases to describe the firmness of their knee cushions. The ideal way to determine whether or not a knee cushion is good for you is to test it out. It’s also a good idea to read customer evaluations from folks who have similar builds to you.

Pressure Reduction

Knee pads help to relieve pressure by promoting proper spinal alignment. Pressure builds up in the spine and hips when the spine is not perfectly positioned. Knee cushions can help ease direct knee pressure. The knee pillow’s thickness and rigidity impact how well it reduces pressure.


Knee pillows come in a wide range of costs, with the cheapest costing around $5 and the most expensive costing over $100. Most knee pillows, however, cost between $20 and $60. Prices are determined by the materials and construction of the goods and the brand’s reputation.

Materials of High Quality

Most knee pillows are constructed of memory foam and have a fabric cover. High-density memory foam is generally superior to low-density memory foam in terms of Quality. Regrettably, not every manufacturer discloses information regarding the memory foam they employ. Therefore, reading user reviews may be more useful when it comes to judging product quality.

Size and Weight

People who travel worldwide or sleep outside the home should consider their size and weight. Knee pillows range from minor to nearly as large as regular pillows. In addition, knee pillows come in a variety of weights. The dimensions and weight of knee pillows are usually listed on the manufacturer’s website.

Temperature Control

Temperature regulation is the degree to which a pillow warms up in reaction to body heat. An excellent knee cushion manages temperature appropriately. Unfortunately, most knee pillows are memory foam, which traps heat. To overcome this, coverings are frequently fashioned of cooling, breathable fabrics.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Knee Pillow

A knee pillow is most likely to benefit side sleepers and pregnant women. Knee pillows can also help those who sleep on their stomachs or have back or hip pain.

Sleepers on their sides

Knee pillows help side sleepers straighten their spines, easing pressure on the hips and lower back. Without a knee cushion, side sleepers’ spines frequently get misaligned. As a result, their upper leg bears the brunt of their weight, whereas their lower leg bears it. As a result, their hips shift, putting more significant strain on them. Inside sleepers, a knee pillow can help overcome hip and back pain.

Women who are expecting a child

Leg cramps and back pain are primarily common in pregnant women. Using a body pad or a small knee pillow to promote appropriate spinal alignment may benefit.

Those with Back or Hip Pain

Adding the best knee pillow to your sleeping routine may help those with severe back or hip pain. Improper spinal posture can sometimes increase discomfort overnight. Using a pillow to provide additional support and pressure reduction might be beneficial.

Those that sleep on their backs

A plush knee cushion placed beneath rather than between the knees is most beneficial to back sleepers. This is because the natural bend of the spine is accompanied by placing a cushion beneath the knees of a back sleeper. It also helps to get rid of pressure on the lower back.

The following people should avoid knee pillows

People who toss and turn too much during sleep may find it challenging to maintain a knee pillow in position. They could use a velcro-strapped knee pillow, but it might not be enough to hold the pillow in place all night.

Sleepers on their stomachs

Knee pillows are usually unnecessary for stomach sleepers because their sleeping posture does not alter spinal alignment in the same way. Instead, they may place a pillow beneath their hips.

What Are the Different Types of the Knee Pillows?

The hourglass shape is the most common knee pillow shape, and we have several variations in our collection. However, you should be aware that knee pillows come in various shapes.


The hourglass knee cushion has a thinner center and a thicker edge. It is made to fit snugly between a person’s thighs. Side sleeping people who want to keep their knees apart should use hourglass knee pillows.

Pillow for the Body

The breadth of a body pillow is usually the same as that of a bed pillow, but the length is doubled. Side sleeping people and pregnant women can take advantage of body cushions. They have something to hug in addition to providing space between the knees.

Moon Half

The half-moon pillow comes with one flat edge and appears like a cylinder. Back sleepers usually place it beneath your knees, but side sleepers can put it between the legs.


An aspherical knee cushion is similar to a half-moon pillow, except it has a spherical surface instead of one flat side. Back sleepers typically utilize this cushion beneath their knees.


Wedge knee cushions are typically triangular from the side, although there are also rounded variants. Back sleepers commonly utilize these cushions. Some of them lift the legs for better circulation.


The smallest and most affordable of the bunch is the heart-shaped knee cushion. It’s meant to fit between the legs and thighs of side sleepers, and it usually comes with a strap to keep it in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that knee pillows are effective?

The best Knee cushions assist in maintaining the spine in good alignment by absorbing pressure. When the spine is not correctly positioned, pressure builds up in the spine and hips. Knee cushions can also help relieve knee strain by themselves. However, the thickness and stiffness of the knee pillow impact how well it reduces discomfort.

What is the ideal thickness of a pillow between your knees?

A knee cushion should be 4 to 6 inches thick to allow your legs to align. However, a thick cushion causes the legs to extend out too much.

What should the appropriate pillow thickness be?

The pillow should be between 3 and 6 inches thick to offer proper support. Side sleepers, unlike back and stomach sleepers, require additional support.

How thick should a side sleeper’s pillow be?

Side sleepers typically require a medium to high loft pillow to keep their head, neck, and spine in improper alignment. This usually entails using a pillow with a thickness of at least 4 inches.

Is it true that knee pillows might aid with sciatica?

The pressure on your hip flexors might be relieved by placing a pillow under your knees. This may aid in the relief of sciatica pain. Some sciatica sufferers find that sleeping with a firm pillow between their knees helps them sleep better. This position relieves pressure on the nerve root while also supporting spinal alignment.

Is it necessary for me to sleep with a pillow between my knees?

Placing a cushion between your knees or thighs while sleeping may aid in maintaining the natural alignment of your hips and pelvis. This better alignment may relieve the pressure on inflamed ligaments or muscles, causing you pain.

What is the best place to lay a pillow for knee pain?

Knee pillows are little cushions designed to be placed between the knees. Knee pillows are commonly used between the knees by the side sleepers and beneath the knees by back sleepers. Inside sleepers prefer using a knee pillow helps to correct the spine.

Is it possible to make a knee pillow out of an ordinary pillow?

Yes, although it may not provide the same comfort level as a dedicated knee pillow. A standard cushion is frequently too thin, thick, or lengthy to adequately fit beneath or between the knees. Knee cushions, on the other hand, are made to fit between or beneath the knees. As a result, they are more likely to provide comfort.

What is the best way to clean up a knee pillow?

Most knee pads come with a removable, washable cover. Some of the best knee pillow covers can be machine washed, but others must be washed by hand. Owners should carefully follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before washing a knee pillow. The warranty on a knee pillow that has been washed or dried incorrectly may be void.

What are the prices of knee pillows?

The majority of knee pillows range in price from $20 to $60. Knee cushions can be found for as little as five dollars and as much as $100. A knee pillow’s price is determined by its size, the materials it includes, and the brand that makes it.

I’m looking for a knee pillow, but I’m not sure where to find one?

Knee pillows are sold in many online and in-store businesses that sell mattresses, bedding, or regular pillows. To find more possibilities, go to the websites of the knee pillow firms we’ve included on this page or conduct a simple search for knee pillows. Also, check if the firm offers free shipping and returns when purchasing a knee cushion online.

Are the knee cushions movable?

Knee pillows can be adjusted in some cases, but not all. If you want to know if a knee cushion is adjustable, read the box or go to the manufacturer’s website. Adjustable knee pillows usually unzip and include parts that can be removed. In addition, a knee pillow’s thickness and stiffness can be adjusted by changing the ingredients.

When it comes to knee pillows, how long do they last?

Knee pillows can last from a few months to several years. Check through customer reviews to see how long people have owned knee pillows from different companies. Knee cushions are frequently discarded for sanitary reasons. The best Knee pillows that are washable and hypoallergenic can last longer.


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