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Best Latex Pillow For Sleeping

Are you tired of getting disturbed sleep all night because of your pillow? We have reviewed some great and the best latex pillow for your comfortable and relaxed sleep.

It is very important to get 8 hours of sleep to function actively all day and stay healthy. But, when you are shopping for things for your luxurious, relaxed sleep, you look for a mattress and ignore the importance of a pillow, which should be considered as well.

Moreover, one pillow doesn’t suit everyone necessarily, and everyone has their preferences like back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

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In that case, pillow size, firmness, and material vary. As latex pillows are made from latex extracted from trees, it ensures the purity of substance that avoids dust, allergies, germs, etc. In addition, the Hi-end latex pillows are known for their comfort, support, environment friendly, and breathable features.

If you have to work up late or want to enjoy your holidays in bed reading your favorite novel or watching your favorite Netflix series. The super-quality latex pillows will be there to support your neck and back. After the whole tiring day, you surely want to crash into a latex pillow.

Now you can get rid of your sleepless nights by getting these latex pillows for your neck, back, and shoulders. So without any further delay let’s dive into our reviewed top 7 best latex pillows.

Top 7 Best Latex Pillow

Best Latex Pillow Detailed Product Description


REJUVENITE American Talalay Latex Pillow for Sleeping

Best Latex Pillow For Support
  • Perfect supporting ability
  • Removable cover as it contains a zip 
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Not for people having latex allergies
  • Not for stomach sleepers            
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

Get your hands on this fantastic quality latex pillow that is not costly compared to other pads. So, no need to be stressed about getting flat as it is meant to maintain its shape after a few uses. It has a classy design that suits any bed mattress, and its comfortability makes you want to have more sleep. 
However, a REJUVENITE pillow is breathable and keeps the airflow in the process, so you stay cold in hot summers. The good part is that it can survive up to 8 years, which is quite long if you use it correctly. 
It is best for side sleepers since it supports the head and fills the empty gap area between the neck and mattress so that the spine and hips are correct. It comes in multiple sizes, and also the material used in its manufacture is extracted from the Hevea tree, which is natural. 


Sleep Artisan Natural Latex Adjustable Pillow

Best Latex Pillow For Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Best for side sleepers
  • Keep a balanced temperature
  • Comfy for your body
  • Remove stuffing before washing
  • It’s a bit bumpy as it contains microfibers
4.2Expert Score
Product Description

This prime latex pillow has a curved shape that keeps your blood regulation in a good flow, supporting your neck and back. Its zip feature makes it easy for you to wash anytime you like. 
The filling contains organic latex and poly silk, which must be removed before washing. It is known to be best for side sleepers to provide support. Also, it maintains the temperature at night to have your perfect sleep with good dreams without getting too cold or hot. 
Rollover bed as many times as you want the whole night without giving a second thought to your pillow adjustment.


LUCID Talalay Latex Foam Plush Feel Pillow

Best Plush Latex Pillow
  • No stinky smell
  • It’s allergic-free and breathable
  • Soft to touch as it’s made of cotton
  • Pricey
4.1Expert Score
Product Description

Have a carefree night with a LUCID latex pillow, which supports your head, neck, and shoulders by adjusting to your one-of-a-kind shape and offers responsive help. The removable cover is delicate and breathable and machine launderable for added comfort.
It is one of the best latex pillows for sleeping. You need something with a medium solidness that skips back and keeps its shape. It is latex, so dissimilar to adaptive padding, and it is relaxed immediately when you lay your head on it.
At the point when you lift your head, it springs right back into shape right away. This is amazing as it is steady help, so when you move your head, it changes in a flash.
In contrast to other pillows like foam material, this one always stays in its shape or never straightens after some time. It holds as much hotness as conventional adaptive padding, making a smoother and cooler rest surface. Additionally, small holes in the pillow helps in air circulation and ventilation purposes. The LUCID best latex pillows are guaranteed to be worth buying, being the most delicate latex pads available on the market.


PureTree Organic Shredded Latex Pillow

Best Organic Natural Latex Pillow
  • For all types of sleepers
  • Give support to the neck and shoulders
  • The smell is very bad and stinky
4Expert Score
Product Description

This shredded superlative latex pillow can be used by different sleepers like back and side sleepers. Having latex shreds, it’s more adjustable and breathable in airflow. It prevents all types of strains, be it around the neck or shoulder, by arranging everything.
Containing cotton means it’s super soft, which is more likely to be preferred by most sleepers. The pillowcase is removable, and you can adjust the pad through filing according to your need, whether you want it fully stuffed or less stuffed. 
Also, the longevity of this pillow life is incredible.


YANXUAN Thailand Natural Latex Pillow

Best Latex Pillow For Neck Pain
  • Air circulation and ventilation feature
  • Long-lasting
  • Best for neck pain
  • No cover
  • Not washable
4.1Expert Score
Product Description

Yanxuan contour pillow is the best pick among all the best latex pillows for sleeping. As it contains organic latex, it has this stretchable feature that provides consistent support to your neck, body, and shoulder. 
It springs back to its shape when you rest your head and get up, leading to deeper numb sleep. We see soft pillows not that supportive, but YANXUAN is a unique latex pillow that is fluffy and provides excellent support, both side by side. We usually get neck and shoulder strain and soreness around it when we sit all day working on a laptop in the same position, to avoid that YANXUAN is manufactured, which helps relieve muscle tension and pressure relief. 
The part most buyers like about this High-quality latex pillow is its longevity, which YANXUAN guarantees for five years or so. It is preferred to be cleaned with a wet cloth. 


Sleep Artisan Body Pillow Adjustable Natural Latex Fill

Best Latex Pillow For Pregnancy
  • Best for pregnancy bumps
  • Extremely supportive
  • Light-weighted
  • Anti-allergic
  • Doesn’t come with a pillowcase
  • Not washable
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

Being a pregnant woman, it’s tough to get good and relaxed sleep as you feel restless all night. If you are hunting for the best latex pillow for pregnancy that can provide support for the body, you have found a “sleep artisan body pillow.”
An orthopaedic pillow is suggested as an excellent help for the baby’s bump, hip, and body. Also, you can change the filing of the pad by adding more or removing some according to your preference. As some people like heightened pillows and some prefer low loft. Two things that make it fluffy and smooth are fibre and latex. 
It sinks all the heat and keeps you cool throughout the night making it one of the best latex pads for hugging too. And it stays breathable for years if used in a good way. In addition, it resists germs and dirt to make it look tidy and clean to last long.
So spend money on your health and comfort and get your hands on these unique supportive latex cushions for side sleepers and pregnant women. 


PILLO1 The Original Latex Pillow

Best Latex Pillow For Side & Back Sleepers
  • Support to the neck and shoulders is guaranteed
  • For all types of sleepers
  • Provide cooler nights
  • It is uncomfortable 
4.1Expert Score
Product Description

The PILLO1 Original Latex Pillow is one of the best latex headrests on the market, specially designed for all types of sleepers who sleep in different styles. The significant part about this pillow is that it has two different sides, one which is hard that helps to hold your neck and support your stomach, and the light and soft side that helps with support underfoot.   
However, this top latex pillow is also approved by ortho, which claims to lessen muscle tension. More importantly, it’s anti-allergic, has no harsh chemicals used, regulates blood flow throughout the night, and is helpful in many ways so you can have a better sleep at night.
So having a fresh morning without any pains is guaranteed if you are thinking of getting this luxurious latex pillow.

What is Latex?

Latex is a type of rubber meant to be natural and organically extracted from trees used in pillows. People mostly prefer pillows with latex to synthetic as harsh chemicals are used in synthetic pads. 

Through a procedure using Talalay or Dunlop, latex foams are made. Latex being organic is anti-allergic, breathable, and germ-free; that’s why they are known to be the best latex pillows. 

How to choose the best latex pillow?

You choose your pillows according to your liking and need, whether your sleeping style, posture, or size.

Type of mattress you sleep on

Memory foam can make your body go deep down in the mattress and hard pillows, which can cause uncomfortable sleep. So if they both are used side by side, you may end up getting strain in your neck or so.

Filing of pillow

Stuff for your pillow is also essential as everything depends on it. You fill your pillow with a particular material according to your need, giving you support and comfort. Pillows made of polyester are also being used, but latex pillows are still the exceptional ones getting famous. 

What to consider when buying the best latex pillow?

You can’t confuse latex pillow with synthetic latex pillow as latex is used in the manufacturing of latex pillow is natural without any harsh chemicals used. The rubber used in latex pillows is derived from trees, Dunlop and Talalay, making it a genuine and unique latex pillow for the buyers. Consider these points while purchasing one:

1) Loft

Loft, which reflects the thickness and height of the pillow. However, extremely high and low pads can go wrong for your neck. So instead, it gets in perfect shape, suitable for your comfort when you keep that in use. High loft pillows are preferred for side sleepers, medium loft pillows are for back sleepers, and low loft pillows are for stomach sleepers. 

2) Support

Support is an essential factor to be seen while shopping for a supreme latex pillow as it is pain resistant to the neck, shoulders, and head. Latex pillow, for instance, works best for side sleepers in a way that it supports your neck and head by placing it between chair and mattress.

3) Firmness level

Pillows can be soft and hard both ways. Its firmness reflects the shape and softness it keeps throughout its use. If the cushion is firm, it has fewer chances of getting flat, which gives enough comfortable help.

4) Pressure relief

A Chief Latex pillow gives you comfortable and relaxing sleep through pressure relief around your neck. Keep in mind that soft cushions provide more tension relief.

5) Shape

Usually, pillows come in rectangle shapes. However, some conditions like curved ones are also made for back and side sleepers.

6) Price

If you are looking for natural and luxurious with good quality latex pillows, keep your pocket ready to spend some reasonable sum as they are pricey. 

7) Quality materials

If you want your pillow to live a longer life, look for a high-quality latex pillow that won’t disappoint you after a couple of months. Conversely, a low-quality pad can lead to a shorter life span.

8) Moldability

We all are used to molding our pillow in many ways, and we do so we can turn it in a comfortable shape suitable for our support during reading or watching time. However, the form used in the pillow leads to discomfort as they can’t be folded.

9) Temperature regulations

Due to its airflow quality, it can keep you cool all night with comfy sleep. However, some pillows containing memory foam can cause disturbed sleep.

What are the highs and lows of the best latex pillows?

  • Provides support to your neck, back, head, and shoulder with pressure relief.
  • Designed with the best airflow feature to keep you cool all night.
  • It is an organic material. It is anti-allergic and prevents fungus and dust.
  • At times it’s hard to make latex pillows comfortable enough for your head as sometimes they struggle to mold to the head.
  • The price of the best latex pillow for sleeping can go hard on your pocket.
  • Not for those having latex allergies.
  • Non-removable pillow covers can be challenging for cleaning purposes as all latex pillows don’t come with removable covers.

Who is best suited to the latex pillow?

An incredible latex pillow ought to give support to our neck and shoulders, so it’s best for back and side sleepers.

Side sleepers

Being a side sleeper, you would know the pain of getting a stiff neck, so side sleepers prevent that by providing support to the channel so there’s no gap between the neck and the mattress and you can sleep comfortably.

Sleepers who have neck pain

It prevents any kind of pain in the back, shoulder, neck, or head by providing support to your head and easing your discomfort.

Back sleepers

It keeps your body in perfect alignment, so you don’t suffer through any pain by comforting your positions and sleeping style. The combo of a soft latex pillow and the medium loft is best overall for your body support. 

Hot sleepers

Latex is prime for hot sleepers as it has this property of cooling. Shredded latex keeps airflow all night so you can have an excellent sleep.

Who is not suited

With latex allergies

A stuffed pillow is not meant for those with latex allergies as it can cause further issues.

Stomach sleepers

As latex pillows are hard and thick, it might not be best for stomach sleepers as they usually don’t feel like using a pad.

Which latex pillow sizes are available?

Usually, pillows are available in standard, super standard, king, queen size, and body pillows. Now it’s your choice whether you want it according to your bed size or sleeping position.

Standard pillows

The standard pillows are meant to be cheaper as well, as they provide a variety of pillowcases with sets of sheets, but they are of small size. 

Super standard pillows

These pillows are wider enough to provide you with space than standard pillows.

Queen pillows

It provides you best sleep if you are a position changer in sleep. You can roll over it however you want all night as it has extra space to provide compared to the super standard pillow.

King pillows

King pillows provide even more space than queen-size pillows, so you can comfortably enjoy your good reads and can “Netflix and chill.”

Body pillows

Body pillows are meant to be called a “support system” as they give your back better support, and especially for pregnant women, it provides comfortable support to their baby bump and hips.

  • Standard size: 20″ x 26″
  • Super Standard size: 20 x 28″
  • Queen size: 20 x 30″
  • King size: 20 x 36″
  • Body Pillow size: 54″ x 20″ or 48″ x 20″

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do latex pillows cost?

Size, material, and loft play an essential role, side by side, affecting the cost. It depends whether you’re getting a typical latex pillow, it will cost more, and a pillow with fiber filling would cost less. The price swings between $40 to $200 according to the type you are getting, be it basic or luxury.

How do I clean a latex pillow?

Pillowcases are the best option for pillows compared to non-removable pillow covers as they can easily be washed, and the material contains latex and wool. However, Latex pillows should be hand washed as machine wash can ruin the fabric. Also, avoid getting a latex pillow under sunlight.

Where can I buy the best latex pillow?

For your assurity of getting a fresh piece, you can get the best latex pillow from the manufacturer directly or from the retailer or bedding store. And if you are lazy to get up and get from the market, you have other options, like buying from online pages and websites, e.g., target, amazon, etc. 

How long do latex pillows last?

Usually, pillows should be changed after a few years as they get out of their shape after a few years, but certainly, latex pillows can live up to 5 to 10 years if kept, used, and cleaned in the right way. 

Are the best latex pillows adjustable?

They are! It has this zipper feature through which you can adjust your pillow to your accord by maintaining a certain quantity of filing in the buffer.

Do hi-end latex pillows have an odor?

There’s no such smell as the best latex pillow since harsh chemicals are not used in manufacturing this product compared to other material pillows. There might be some of the “new product” smell of rubber or so, but there is no such strong stinky smell.



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