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Best Pillow For Side & Back Sleepers

More individuals prefer to sleep on their sides than in any other position. Therefore, the best pillow for side and back sleepers should give enough cushioning and support to keep your spine aligned if you sleep on your side. This relieves pressure points throughout the body, especially sensitive places like the shoulders and hips.

However, it’s just as vital to choose the right pillow for side and back sleepers when sleeping in this posture. Side sleepers typically require bigger pillows to fill the area beneath their head and neck. Pillows that are too thin don’t give enough cushioning, while overly thick pillows can disrupt spinal alignment and cause more pressure spots.

We reviewed different high-quality pillows for side and back sleepers and compiled a list of the top side and back sleeper pillows. These choices are based on reviews and customer feedback. Firmness, support, pressure alleviation, and general comfort were among the qualities we looked at.

Top 6 Best Pillow For Side & Back Sleepers

Best Pillows For Side & Back Sleepers Detailed Products Reviews


Qutool store 2-Pack Cooling Bed Pillows

Best Side Back Sleeping Pillow
  • Offers complete support to head and neck
  • The zipped inner and outer cover
  • Fine cooling gel pillow
  • It has a luxury bamboo cover
  • Don’t keep the head cold
  • Not a nice smell
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

This amazing bed pillow for side and back sleepers has an ergonomic shape that gives the solid support needed to keep the neck in line, and it moves with you while you sleep, so you’re never left hanging. In addition, you don’t have to fluff and reposition the shredded memory foam pillow every morning. This aligns the spine, reducing discomfort and pressure points in certain places.
Qutool quality side back sleeping pillow has a zippered inner and outer cover, and you may add or remove foam filling to achieve the right comfort level and have a personalized sleep experience. Side, back, stomach, and pregnant sleepers will all benefit from this amazing pillow for back and side sleeping lovers. It’s thick and sturdy, and it won’t flatten out as you move around during the night.
Qutool’s bed pillow is made of premium shredded foam with temperature-regulating cooling gel particles infused into the foam to prevent excessive heat build-up and ensure that no heat is trapped during the night. The increased airflow also keeps moisture out, making for a more comfortable sleeping environment.
Sixty percent polyester and 40 percent bamboo fiber rayon make up the skin-friendly softcover. It is the most allergy-friendly fabric on the market. In addition, this eco-friendly fabric improves breathability and airflow, naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, and keeps you cool while sleeping than cotton.
It’s thick and sturdy, and it won’t flatten out as you move around during the night. The quality of this plush side and back sleeping cushion will give you great confidence. In addition, their company takes pride in offering a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty. Please contact them if you are not satisfied for any reason.
They also offer a Replacement Policy for torn memory foam pillows. Connect with them right away if you have any quality-related difficulties and they will send you a replacement for free. (That’s what they claim).


Elviors Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

Best Back Sleeping Pillow For Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Premium memory foam
  • Skin-friendly
  • Increase air circulation
  • Ideal pillow for neck and shoulder pain
  • Don’t offer much neck support
  • Way to stiffer
4.1Expert Score
Product Description

With 60% density, the Pillow Core is made of slow-rebound Memory Foam and 100 percent Polyurethane. In sleeping positions, the pillow keeps the head physiologically proper. It conforms to the curve of the neck, allowing the neck to bend naturally. The spine, head, and neck are all supported optimally and appropriately. The side cutouts provide a place for your top arm to rest and retain it at an angle, preventing your shoulder from hunching over in front of you.
This is the best shoulder pain relief pillow for side and back sleepers which provides neck support and comprises high-quality memory foam with moderate hardness and suppleness, allowing for improved isolated pressure distribution. As a result, neck discomfort and shoulder stiffness are relieved, allowing you to sleep pain-free during the night, and your shoulder muscles are gently stretched and relieved while your neck is supported.
Back sleepers with cervical troubles should sleep on the higher side of the pillow with two horns, which gives better head and cervical support, allowing your neck to remain properly aligned with the rest of your body. The bottom side is available to all other back and side sleepers.
Pillow core is CertiPUR-US certified high-density slow rebound memory foam. Air circulation is improved by uniformly punching and distributing the material, which is breathable and skin-friendly with exceptional softness and firmness under high usage rates and in various situations. 
The ELVIROS memory foam cervical pillow is made entirely of polyester fiber. It has a detachable zipper and is machine washable, as well as being sturdy and resilient, as well as being easy to clean and maintain cleanliness. Chemical substances that can promote health are not present in any items.
This is the best neck support cushion for side and back sleepers and it is ideal for seniors, office workers, instructors, and others who have trouble sleeping. If you have chronic cervical spondylosis, the Top-notch sensitive neck support pillow is the best option for getting a good night’s sleep and alleviating cervical vertebra pain.
Cervical spondylosis cannot be treated with a pillow. If you want to utilize it for medical rehabilitation, you should consult a professional doctor first and then determine whether or not to purchase it based on the doctor’s advice.


Bedgear Hypoallergenic Cosmo Performance Pillow

Best Cooling Pillow For Side & Back Sleepers
  • Nice cooling pillow
  • Breathable
  • It is dual-sided
  • Ver-Tex fabric technology.
  • Don’t provide good support
  • Not very comfortable
4Expert Score
Product Description

Cosmo is designed to keep you cool all night long by distributing heat away from your body while you sleep, thanks to BEDGEAR’s immediate cooling Ver-Tex fabric technology.
The Cosmo 2.0 Cushion from BEDGEAR has breathable Air-X mesh panels on all four sides and air vents on all four sides to ensure constant airflow in and around the pillow.
With a simple flip, you can change your level of comfort of this best cooling cushion for side and back sleepers and the BEDGEAR’s proprietary React responsive foam crown provides one-sided firm conforming pressure relief.
Cosmo is made out of a React mixture of responsive foam that combines shredded React materials with silk-like strands for a softer, plusher feel that never flattens.


Meoflaw Store Pillows

Best Luxury Hotel Pillow For Side & Back Sleepers
  • Ideal pillow for side and back sleepers
  • 60% 2.5D high-quality fiber
  • Provides easy home care
  • Durable
  • Double-sided ultrasonic process
  • Not firm
  • Don’t provide much support to the shoulders and head
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

Ultrasonic three-dimensional embossing, a double-sided procedure, and blue piping give the best cushions for side and back sleeper a premium aesthetic while increasing longevity.
The no-shift construction comprises 60% 2.5D high-quality fiber and 40% 7D high-quality fiber. It provides adequate support while remaining soft.
The vacuum-sealed quality bed pillows for side and back sleepers have a premium filling that allows them to recover in 5 seconds. These Pillows are light and easy to care for, and may be washed regularly; simply machine washes at 30°C.
This is the best pillow for side, stomach, and back sleepers, with the side sleeper being the most comfortable. A 365-night trial period is available. Please contact them if you have any questions. The customer service representatives of their company will respond within 24 hours.


Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow For Back Sleepers
  • 40% Bamboo-derived Viscose Rayon
  • Adjustable
  • Best quality material is used
  • Memory foam fill
  • Releases bad fumes
  • Not stretchy
4.4Expert Score
Product Description

It’s created in the United States and comprises 60% polyester and 40% viscose rayon generated from bamboo.
Meet the world’s most advanced adjustable cushion for side and back sleepers. Make it your own to find the ideal balance of support and comfort. This pillow is for you if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. So get ready for the most restful night’s sleep of your life with this best pillow for side and back sleepers, of course, stomach sleepers are also included.
If you’re in pain, snoring, or tossing and turning, you’re sleeping incorrectly. Thanks to the customizable design. The memory foam fill may be added or removed to accommodate your size, shape, and sleeping position. To accommodate your size, shape, and sleeping position, you can add or remove foam filling. As a result, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably and aligned for the first time in a long time.
Coop Home Goods Eden high-end Pillows for sleeping have undergone rigorous third-party lab testing and are CertiPUR-US, and GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure safety and quality. This beautiful pillow for side and back sleepers, which is vegan and cruelty-free, was made without harming any animals.
The case is made of Lulltra fabric, bamboo-derived viscose rayon, and a polyester blend that promotes breathability and suppleness. Finally, you’ll be able to feel refreshed when you wake up. Unlike other pillows, we don’t employ repurposed materials in the foam. A 12-pound bag of fill is included with each order if you require a higher loft.


Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow

Best Pillow For Side & Back Sleepers
  • Ideal pillow for side and back sleepers
  • It has poly fiber filling
  • Stylish in looks
  • Durable
  • Don’t provide head support
  • Don’t provide extraordinary support
4.6Expert Score
Product Description

An amazing color combination and double stitching offer these pillows a trendy aesthetic while also proving to be long-lasting, and they are constructed of polycotton.
The poly fiber filling and high-quality fabrics offer a restful night’s sleep. These pillows are an excellent choice for side, stomach, and back sleepers because they are versatile at work and provide optimal comfort in any sleeping position. So are you adding these best pillows for side-back sleepers in your cart?
Spot cleaning the pillow or hand washing the fabric is advised. So why not take advantage of this opportunity right now?

The Advantages of Sleeping on Your Side

The most common sleeping position for adults in the United States is side sleeping. This position has a few advantages over oversleeping on your back or stomach. For one thing, side sleeping reduces snoring by keeping the airway open. Back sleepers snore more frequently because the tongue slips back into the throat, obstructing the airway. For the same reason, side sleeping can help persons with sleep apnea and acid reflux. In addition, if you're pregnant, sleeping on your side is likely to be more pleasant than sleeping in other positions; a bolster cushion for the legs or knees can also help pregnant sleepers.
Sleeping on one's side can also help correct the spine and relieve pain in the shoulders, hips, and other pressure points. However, this depends on a mattress and pillow that provide adequate support for your head and neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips.
Continue reading to learn about the best side sleeper pillow concerns and how to select a pillow model depending on your body type and personal preferences.

How to Choose the best Side Sleeper Pillow

The greatest pillow for side back sleepers will cushion the head and neck well enough to support it. On the other hand, pillows that sink too deeply or are overly thick might obstruct spinal alignment, resulting in neck and shoulder discomfort. Several criteria, like loft, firmness level, and material composition, should be considered while choosing the proper pillow. We’ll go through how side sleepers can locate a cushion that works for them in the following sections.

What to Look for When Buying the best Side back Sleeping, Pillow

You’ll undoubtedly come across pillow manufacturers who say their goods are ideal for all sleep positions or that their pillows’ construction and materials provide universal comfort for all sleepers regardless of body type or personal preference when you seek a side sleeping pillow.

Unfortunately, these advertising promises are deceptive. Each pillow is individually crafted to provide you with a unique experience. Because of the demands of various sleep positions, any pillow you choose will be better for certain sleepers and less so for others.

Instead of relying on marketing language to guide your pillow search, consider the following features.

Points to Remember


The most crucial issue for side sleeping is a loft or thickness. Most side sleepers want medium to high loft pillows that give adequate head and neck support without sinking too low. You might be a good candidate for a pillow with adjustable loft levels if your thickness preferences change from night tonight.


The pillow’s support refers to how well it keeps your head and neck on an even surface. Spinal alignment is critical for side sleepers, so choose a pillow that doesn’t sink too deeply or lift your head too much. The best support comes from pillows with strong foam or latex cores.

Level of Firmness

A too-soft pillow can sink too far beneath your head, causing alignment problems and the possibility of additional pressure. In addition, you may have soreness around the neck and shoulders if the cushion is excessively hard. On the other hand, pillows with a medium hardness are ideal for side sleepers because they give a good balance of contouring and support.

Pressure Reduction

Because their mattress is not supportive enough, many side sleepers pressure their shoulders and hips. Similarly, pressure points may form if the side sleeper’s pillow does not keep the neck and shoulders aligned with the spine. As a result, side sleepers require a supportive pillow for side sleeping that conforms to the body.


Over time, some fill materials compress, flattening the cushion and making it less pleasant. As a result, these pillows will need to be fluffed regularly to maintain their full shape. On the other hand, solid foam and latex, for example, keep their shape with little effort.


The pillow price is mostly determined by the materials used in its construction. Pillows composed of polyfoam, down alternative, and feathers are the most affordable, while ones made of memory foam, latex, down, and buckwheat hulls are the most expensive. However, at a queen size, you should be able to get a high-quality cushion with any fill type for $150 or less.

Materials of High Quality

The materials used to make the cover and interior components of a pillow can impact a variety of attributes, including durability, temperature regulation, and form preservation. While the best pillow for side and back sleepers with higher-quality components will cost more, you can expect longer life and better function from many of these types.

What Are the Best Pillow Materials for Side Sleepers?

Memory foam, latex, buckwheat hulls, and other materials providing adequate support without feeling too stiff are the best pillow fill options for side sleepers. However, a few other elements determine a pillow’s comfort or discomfort for side sleeping. Below is a list of the most prevalent pillow materials.

Foam Memory

Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, is designed to soften when exposed to body heat. When lying on a memory foam pillow, this creates deep contouring for your head and neck, which can assist in straightening the spine and relieve pressure in various regions.

Buckwheat hulls, the hard outer casings of buckwheat kernels, fill buckwheat pillows. Many people compare these pillows too hard bean bags because of how solid and supportive they are. However, most buckwheat pillows may be adjusted for loft and promote adequate airflow by adding or removing kernels.


Ducks and geese have feathers on their outer plumage. Feathers, while light and airy, are coarser and thicker than down. As a result, side sleepers will not sink as deeply into the pillow as back sleepers will. Feather pillows are also quite cool to sleep on and have a long lifespan compared to other pillow kinds.

Latex is a rubber-derived material generated from the sap of rubber trees. Latex conforms to the body like foam when molded into foam, but it is considerably more responsive. In addition, because latex does not sink as deeply as other materials, it may support side sleepers.


Ducks and geese have down as their soft inner plumage. The material is very light and airy, as well as insulating. Many down pillows have feathers in their outer chambers to support sleepers. This keeps side sleepers from sinking too far.


Polyfoam conforms to the shape of the body while also feeling more responsive. Although the material does not provide the same level of deep contour as memory foam, it is more adaptable than latex. However, polyfoam sleeps hot. Therefore, several producers air or aerate their foam to reduce body heat absorption.

What Are Pillow Sizes Available?

Standard, queen, and king are the most common pillow sizes. On the other hand, some manufacturers provide extra sizes to accommodate sleepers with varying preferences.

Other Recommendations for Side back Sleepers

Side and back sleepers can employ the following tactics for sleeping each night peacefully, in addition to selecting the best supportive pillow for side back sleepers that supports spinal alignment.

How to Choose the Best Mattress?

The finest mattress for side sleepers will sufficiently cushion the shoulders and hips to straighten the spine and relieve pressure in various regions. In addition, most sleepers prefer softer mattresses that mold their bodies without sinking too far beneath their heavier areas.

Between the Knees, Use a Pillow

A pillow placed between the knees might help straighten the spine and relieve pain in the lower back and hips. The most comfortable pillows for side-back sleepers are down/feathers, shredded foam, and other moldable materials. Placing the pillow beneath your legs may provide additional relaxation and pressure alleviation.

Purchase a Mattress Topper

On top of your mattress, a topper is a single layer of cushioning material. Because toppers can be up to 4 inches thick, they can make your mattress seem much softer or firmer. In addition, the appropriate topper might imply better spinal alignment, less pressure, and closer conforming for side sleepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pillow should people who sleep on their sides and backs use?

Your favorite sleeping position will determine the best pillow for side-back sleeping for you. For example, if you sleep on your side, you may require a thicker, firmer pillow to maintain appropriate alignment. If you sleep on your back, though, a medium-loft pillow will likely keep your neck and shoulders from tilting up or down.

What is the optimal pillow firmness for side and back sleepers?

Combination sleepers choose medium-firm pillows because they give the proper support for both side and back sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach frequently, you might prefer a softer pillow with a lower loft when you need it.

Which pillow height is optimal for side sleepers?

The typical pillow height should be around 4 to 5 inches to support the neck, head, and shoulders adequately. This is especially critical when resting on your side because the curve of your neck and spine is at the mercy of the cushion in this posture.

What exactly is the issue with side sleepers?

Is shoulder pain caused by sleeping on your side? Sleeping on your side has several disadvantages, one of which is an increased chance of shoulder pain. Whether you sleep on your left or right side, the corresponding shoulder can sink into the mattress and up into your neck, causing misalignment and soreness in the morning.

What kind of pillow is ideal for those who sleep on their sides and have neck pain?

The greatest neck and shoulder pillow for side sleepers is firm enough to keep the head healthy yet soft enough to relieve pressure points. Memory foam, latex, buckwheat, or feather pillows are popular among sleepers because they provide the ideal blend of support and pressure reduction.

What’s the difference between side sleeper pillows and back sleeper pillows?

Back sleepers should avoid using a stiff or excessively high pillow. These pillows tend to keep your neck stretched all night, which can cause stiffness and soreness in the morning. Likewise, feather, leather, polyester, down, and gel pillows should be avoided by side sleepers.


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