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Best Pillow For Side And Stomach Sleeper

Are you a side sleeper seeking the best comfy pillow which won’t cause backache and shoulder stiffness?

We have reviewed an amazing variety of top best pillows for side and stomach sleepers without any more aches. Side sleepers should have a pillow that fills the space between their neck to keep their head and shoulders in right alignment so they don’t wake up with the strain early in the morning and can have comfortable, relaxing sleep.

If the pillow is way too soft it won’t support the neck, head, and shoulder simultaneously which can result in tension in the muscles and having a morning of agony.

However, way too hard pillows also cause inconvenience to your sleep so the best pillow for side sleepers with shoulder pain, back pain, and stomach sleepers would be the pillow with medium firmness. If you do choose to rest on your side, perhaps the most ideal approach to do it strongly is by putting resources into a pillow that is planned explicitly for side sleepers.

What We Have Found

These best pillows for side sleepers will assist with keeping you agreeable, upheld, and appropriately adjusted. Regardless of whether you incline toward a delicate fiber or overstuffed adaptive padding, there is a possibility for you.

These pillows for back pain and side sleepers come in different sizes, shapes, and fillings, which makes for some exceptionally different choices. Size is most significant while taking into account how much space you will abandon your bed, when dozing, yet additionally when making it.

More Research Shows

On the off chance that you believe that pillows should keep going similarly as long as the remainder of your bedding, sleeping pad, sheets, and duvet, then, at that point, you are wrong. They are really intended to be supplanted considerably more as often as possible.

This not just guarantees that your pillow is as yet steady enough, yet it additionally assists with keeping allergens from developing in the pad.

Aside from everything we are aware of the struggle to seek that perfect pillow. So we scrutinized online reviews to find the best pillows for back and shoulder pain or side sleepers, so you can get the comfortable sleep you deserve after a hectic day.

Top 9 Best Side Sleeper Pillow

Best Side Sleeper Pillow Product Details


EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow Orthopedic Sleeping Pillows

Best Luxurious Sleep
  • Chemical-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Not for children under 6.
4Expert Score
Product Description

EPABO pillow is one that gives you luxurious sleep in your home and is orthopedically approved as the best side sleeper pillow for neck pain. It gives helpful alleviation for all sleepers and neck torment, you will awaken feeling completely re-energized and prepared to require the day.
Its top-notch texture keeps you cool and agreeable for the duration of the evening. Moreover, it demonstrates shape configuration impeccably and upholds and adjusts your head, neck, shoulder, and back. You will nod off quicker and more profoundly.
However, it is feasible for you to encounter some distress during the initial fourteen days while your body is attempting to conform to the right position. Attempt it for another degree of solace whether you are a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper and its breathable memory structure gives a better air course to keep you cool and dry.


AiAngu Plush Pillow

Best For Side Sleepers
  • Doesn’t get flat over time.
  • Not expensive.
  • Don’t wash with fabric softener.
4Expert Score
Product Description

AiAngu pillows are designed with breathable gel fiber which is called a down alternative as well, ideal for your hotel rooms. These pillows are loaded up with soft down-like microfiber for a satisfying fullness and the gusseted sideband configuration guarantees the pad holds its shape and doesn’t go level.
Moreover, the cotton shell gives a smooth completion and prevalent delicate inclination, causing you to want to rest on a cotton ball. Moreover, they are made from hypersensitivity verification texture and loaded down with hypoallergenic fiberfill which offers total boundary security against dust, and pet dander and is ideal for those experiencing breathing problems and other sensitive issues.
This pillow cover is made of 100% cotton so it stays delicate, breathable, and dry, meant to be the regardless of the sort of dozing positions you like, you can generally get the experience of a five-star inn extravagance at home each night. Reasonable and best pillow for side, stomach, and back sleepers.


Royal Therapy Memory Foam Pillow

Best For Back and Neck Support
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adjustable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Do not ease pressure points.
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

This Royal Therapy Queen Memory foam pillow is made of bamboo rayon with heat dispersing innovation that kills warm development while you rest. They are intended to form an exceptional state of the body to assist with supporting your head and neck.
However, it offers even help for the neck and head and this bamboo pad takes into consideration uniform tension in all spaces of the head and neck which clearly shows us that it’s the best side sleeper pillow for neck and head pain. By eliminating the center froth layer, its development permits it to be ideally suited for a wide range of sleepers like side, back, and stomach.
Surprisingly, our extravagant cervical firm cushion gives more prominent obstruction under the heaviest pieces of the head and similarly upholds the lighter, more delicate neck region. Imperial Therapy adaptable padding cushion diminishes throwing, turning, and uneasiness.
The pillow permits your muscles to unwind appropriately offering normal spinal help to your body, acclimating to your remarkable shape and advancing a profound serene rest. Our Royal Therapy adaptable padding offers predominant solace levels and holds its shape amazingly well.
At the point when the tension is eliminated the adaptable padding gradually resets and gets back to its unique shape. It will surely outlive other top-notch pads just by the plan.


Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow Firm Support

Best Firmness Option
  • Good for maintaining body shape.
  • None.
4.2Expert Score
Product Description

Tempur-pedic is one of the best-firmed supportive neck pillows and is made of a Gel Layer on the two sides of the cushion. This ergonomic cushion is shaped to follow the normal bend of your body for adjusting and restorative help.
Specially, designed to assuage pressure and offer customized help for the duration of the evening, and return to shape toward the beginning of the day. However, pillow material appropriately and easily upholds your head, neck, and shoulders when resting on your back or side and it never loses its shape, offering predominant help and arrangement for a seemingly endless amount of a large number of years.


Sagin O Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Best Comfortable
  • Breathable.
  • Easily washed.
  • Not for kids.
4.2Expert Score
Product Description

This cervical pillow keeps your dozing stance kept up. It guarantees pressures across your head and shoulders can be circulated equally to soothe irritation in your neck and spine with the goal that you awaken feeling invigorated and stimulated to begin the day.
The ergonomic plan of the cushion assists with easing cervical pressure and resultant distress. Furthermore, the high and low profile on the two sides adjusts to the normal curve of the human body and additional armrests of ergonomic pads support your arms.
The pillow escorts a white pillowcase currently on, alongside an independently bundled dark pillowcase. Regarding the cleaning process, the two pillowcases can be machine washed, guaranteeing you will consistently have a spotless pillowcase for supplanting.
However, the cushion center is made of 100% adaptable padding, which is delicate and agreeable and the pillowcase is made of 38% bamboo fiber and 62% polyester fiber, which are breathable and skin-accommodating.
The pad might have a characteristic adaptable padding scent, which is ordinary and innocuous to the human body. Considerably, but the cushion close to the window for 3-5 days before use, leave it to cool and dry, and stay away from daylight. 


Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow

Best Pain Reliever
  • For every sleeper.
  • OEKO certified.
  • Not too hard for hard pillow sleepers.
4.3Expert Score
Product Description

Pain is directly proportional to poor sleep, this Zoey sleeps side sleeper pillow guarantees you a smooth sleep without any pain as it’s known to be the best pillow for side and back sleepers. It’s stuffed inside makes it fully adjustable. You can customize it by adding or removing foam to contour your natural neck and shoulder curve which comes in different forms like a firm, medium, or soft. It is a long-lasting Orthopedic Pillow that is designed for every sleeper. 
This Pillow cover is second to none and is extravagant as defined. The moment your head rests on a Zoey Sleep Side Sleeper Pillow! You will get into your REM sleep stage fast. This pillow is CertiPUR-US and OEKO guaranteed and is one of the safest rated pillows in the market. It was beautifully planned in California by a family for whom providing a better sleep was of utmost importance. 


Sleep Artisan Side Sleeper Pillow

Best For Spinal Alignment
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Maintained body temperature during sleep.
  • Can be customized/ adjustable. 
  • Costly
4Expert Score
Product Description

Bended side sleeper cushions are made in California with regular latex, which is harmless to the ecosystem and permits us to create almost zero waste. So the normal latex offers prevalent tension alleviation which helps the progression of oxygen to your muscles.
Your new best pillow for side sleepers decreases thrashing around for side sleepers, blend sleepers, and back sleepers. You can also customize your head situating, spine arrangement, neck, and shoulders by unfastening the cover to change the immovability of your pad.
Moreover, this cushion is loaded up with normal latex which offers predominant muscular help whereas normal latex is dust bug safe and sensitivity safe. Dissimilar to thick adaptable padding which traps heat, regular latex allows you to remain cool without utilizing the opposite side of the cushion.


COMFYT Side Sleeper Pillow

Best Skin Friendly
  • Skin-friendly. 
  • Ortho approved for neck and back.
  • Didn’t find any.
4.5Expert Score
Product Description

Get up every early daytime feeling greater and invigorated from a decent night’s rest. A COMFORT Side Sleeper pillow is extraordinary for grown-ups and children, all things considered. However, it is an incredible present for all seasons to your relatives and family members and is one of a kind shoulder break planned explicitly for side sleepers.
The opposite side of the cushion is fit for all sorts of sleepers drafted innovation supports the head and supports the neck. Also, it is a muscular cushion that absorbs and appropriates body pressure so it can rest in a normal stance without smashing muscle and bloodstream.
This extraordinary shoulder pillow cut-out the shape relaxes to get neck and shoulder in the hole among cushion and back, without much of a stretch rest. This all-season pillow cool gel with execution weave cover on one side scatters your body warm and gives you a more drawn-out cooler and more agreeable rest, ideal for summer evenings.
By drawing heat from you and directing it away, our gel adaptive padding cushion will be cool to the touch and will furnish you with sound, agreeable rest the entire evening. However, 1 Side Cooling pass Mesh Knit Cover wicks away dampness and keeps the outer layer of cushion cooler.
This Pillow with Bamboo Cover is incredibly agreeable in all temperatures which is ideal for individuals with skin affectability as bamboo is one of the gentlest textures on the planet, noticeably milder than cotton. Incredibly delicate like cashmere or silk, skin agreeable COMFY cushion for dozing is a family-possessed USA brand.
The primary medical advantage of resting on adaptable padding pads is a spinal arrangement. As you lay your head and neck on the pad, the load and heat of the body permit the foam to reshape itself. This powers the pad to give more noteworthy obstruction under the heaviest pieces of the head, and similarly support the lighter, more tension delicate neck region.
Adaptive padding is intended to form the one-of-a-kind state of your body to help your head and neck, your fulfillment is our main need so we give you the best-reviewed pillows for side sleepers with shoulder pain.


Dr. Larry Cole Pro Side Sleeper Pillow Memory Foam Pillow

Best Ortho Pillow
  • Reasonable price
  • Good for multiple purposes.
  • None.
4Expert Score
Product Description

This Pain-relieving J-Shaped Sleeping Bed Pillow is intended to elevate the solid rest stance to help decrease neck and back strain. Plus, the J-shape form configuration impeccably upholds and adjusts your head, neck, shoulder, and back which can change and address your side dozing stance so that neck shoulder, and back torment will be mitigated.
This SideSleeper Pillow is loaded up with premium-quality adaptable padding stuffing, which changes naturally depending on body warmth to coordinate with the specific form of your neck and backline. Moreover, the pads are sent vacuum fixed so kindly permit 7-10 days for the full development in the wake of accepting your pillow. You can also add or eliminate the adaptable padding filling according to your comfort.

How to choose the best pillow for side sleepers?

The best pillow is the one that gives support to your head and neck. Neck and shoulder aches can occur if pillows are way too thick, disturbing the spinal alignment. There are some common components that should be considered while buying the best pillow for your neck, shoulder, and back along with material, loft, and hardness. 

Factors should be considered


Loft, or thickness, is apparently the main thought for side dozing. Most side sleepers need medium to high space pads that give sufficient padding to the head and neck without sinking excessively low.


Support means how much the surface upholds your head and neck. You’ll need a pad that doesn’t sink excessively or lift your head unreasonably to keep spinal arrangement. Pads with strong froth or latex centers regularly offer the best help.


If the pillow would be too soft then your neck and shoulders might not get enough support and if the pillow is way too hard it may result in neck and shoulder ache with disturbed spinal alignment. The best pillow choice would be medium-firm to avoid any kind of backache or tension and which gives you support to its potential. 

Tension relief

Many side sleepers feel strain in the shoulders and hips in light of the fact that their bedding isn’t adequately strong. Moreover, pressure focuses may create around the neck and shoulders if the side sleeper’s pad doesn’t keep these regions lined up with the spine. Thus, side sleepers for the most part need a strong pad that likewise shapes to the body.


The price varies according to the material of the pillow. If you want budget-friendly pillows, Polyfoam-made, down alternative, and soft pillows are best for you. However, if you’re looking for the best quality pillows which are while those with memory foam, latex, down, and buckwheat then they are pricey ones. 


Hard foams don’t need catering, they stay the way they are but if you are the soft pillow user that you need to keep stuffing up your pillow since it will compress by the time to keep it in its shape.

Quality of the material

The high-quality material used in pillows might be a bit expensive but it guarantees you the durability of the pillow, temperature regulation, shape, and long life span. 

What pillow materials are best for side sleepers?

Memory foam

Memory foam is intended to feel gentler when it comes into contact with body heat. This makes profound adjustments for your head and neck when lying on an adaptable padding cushion, which can assist with adjusting the spine and lessen strain in various regions.


Buckwheat is loaded up with frames, the hard external housings of buckwheat portions. These pads have an exceptionally firm and steady feel just like hard bean sacks. Most buckwheat cushions can be adapted to hang by adding or eliminating portions, and they advance a great wind stream, as well.


Feathers are light weighted and have a coarser and denser feel than down. Therefore, side sleepers will not sink as profoundly into the pillow. Plume pillows likewise rest extremely cool and proposition great strength contrasted with other cushion types.


Latex is a substance obtained from the sappy concentrate of elastic trees. Side sleepers might discover a latex cushion steadier since the material doesn’t sink as profoundly.


Down is the delicate internal plumage of ducks and it is extraordinarily vaporous and light, and it likewise advances protection. To guarantee sufficient help for sleepers, many down cushions are supported with feathers in their external chambers.


You will not feel a similar profound form as adaptive padding, yet the material is more versatile than latex. Polyfoam tends to rest hot, however numerous makers ventilate or circulate air through their froth to limit body heat retention.

What size pillows are available on a side sleeper pillow?

Generally, it comes in king and queen sizes but other options are also added:

SIZEDIMENSION (width * length)
Standard20W” * 26L”
Super standard2W” * 28L”
Queen20W” * 30L”
King20W” * 36L”
Body48W” * 20L” (or wider)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What pillow types are best for side sleepers?

For some down or down alternative pillows works best and for some foam or other material works best. Down and down alternative pillows are not hard enough to support spinal alignment other than that it’s known to be classy and comfy. In contrast to that, foam pillows are generally harder and support your back and neck.

Q2. What pillow loft works best for side sleepers?

Pillow which is 4 inches thick works best for neck, back, and spinal alignment whereas 6 inches works best for wide shoulders. Most of the time the pillow loft relies on the body shape and the depth of the mattress. 

Q3. What pillow type is best for side sleepers with neck pain?

An unsuitable pillow for your neck and back can result in various orthopedic problems. Avoid hard pillows at the right loft is really important to be considered. For better pain relief, memory foam or contoured foam pillow works best. What Memory foam pillows do is that it provides strain help and the perfect measure of pressure to adjust your neck, whereas contoured foam pillows are intended to support the head while setting pressure free from the neck and shoulders. 

Q4. How firm should a pillow be for a side sleeper?

Soft pillows don’t support the back and neck so medium to medium-hard pillows is best for your neck and back support. But not way too hard which results in muscle tension and causes neck and shoulder aches. However, if still medium to medium feels hard to your shoulders and back then get yourself a memory foam pillow for tension relief.


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