How often you should replace your bedroom necessities

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We’re all guilty of clinging to things for a little too long. They cling on to items in the bedroom, particularly for much too long. Spring cleaning is on the horizon for many people, so why not use it to look through those long-held objects in your bedroom and see what needs to be replaced?


Because people sleep for the bulk of their life, it’s essential to make sure your mattress is up to the task. According to Consumer Reports, if your mattress is more than ten years old, it’s probably time to replace it.

Additionally, if you wake up exhausted, sleep better away from your bed, or your mattress is beginning to sag, you may need to replace your mattress.

However, if you’re over 40, you might need a replacement sooner because your body can handle less pressure as it gets older, according to Consumer Reports.

A latex mattress can last up to eight years, while a memory foam mattress lasts about seven, and an innerspring mattress lasts about six.


Pillows can collect sweat, oil, dead skin, and hair, which should be replaced regularly. According to the National Sleep Foundation, pillows must be replaced every one to two years. Pillows, like mattresses, have a lifespan that varies depending on the material used.

Down-alternative and polyester pillows last one to two years on average, polyfoam and memory foam for two to three years, latex for two to four years, and down or feather pillows for one to three years.


According to Brooklinen co-founder Vicki Fulop, your bed linens will start to wear down after regular usage and washing, so you should replace them around the two-year mark. It doesn’t imply your linens will break apart after two years..

Just that two years or so is a fantastic time for a refresh if they’re starting to appear and feel worn out, and you want the best condition and comfort for your bed.

Duvets and comforters

Fortunately, comforters and duvets outlast everything else on our bed. Your comforters and duvets can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years if kept covered and aired out regularly.

However, if your blanket begins to leak, fill, or appear limp and flat, it may be time to replace it.


In addition, many people like to sleep in a room with a humidifier or a dehumidifier. According to the parts retailer Repair Clinic, a dehumidifier can last up to nine years, but it’s filters should be examined twice a year for maintenance and replaced if there is any damage.

According to the Repair Clinic, you should replace the filter, pad, or element once a year.


A cleaning professional also identifies the items in your home that you can be harming by cleaning too often. In addition to changing your mattress regularly, you should clean your air filters to avoid breathing in dust.


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