How To Choose The Right Pillow

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Pillow Buying Guide

Have you ever been in a hotel room and wondered what caused your neck and back to hurt so badly the next day? Maybe it was the other way around, you had the best sleep of your life and couldn’t figure out why. 

While the mattress may have had a role, the pillow may have played a significant role in your overall experience. Knowing how to pick the proper cushion for you can help you avoid or enjoy your hotel stay every night.

The right pillow height and firmness can make a huge difference in your beauty sleep. In addition, your pillow might aid or impede your spinal alignment, depending on your sleeping posture. Knowing how to pick the appropriate pillow will help you avoid sleeping in abnormal and unpleasant positions, leading to aches and pains.

How to choose the right pillow

A lot of people like a pillow. But not all pillows are suitable for every person. So how do you choose the right pillow? 

You can read on to find out

1.What type of sleeper are you?

For example, are you a “back sleeper” who sleeps mostly on your back, or do you sleep more on your side than anything else (a “side sleeper”)? Or does sleeping on your stomach appeal to you most?  Whatever position feels the most comfortable is best for your neck and spine alignment. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, there’s the possibility that you need to switch up your sleeping position.

2.How firm should it be?

We all like having something soft under our heads when we sleep, but if it’s too squishy, your neck could sink in too much and cause some problems. The perfect pillow is not too hard or too soft. But just right! It should also provide neck support for more back sleeping. If you can push down on the pillow with your head and lose contact with the bed before you get more than an inch of movement between your head and shoulders, then it’s probably too hard or stiff for your liking.

3.What about the size?

When lying on our backs, our heads should rest on the pillow just above the shoulder. A good size for a side sleeper is one where you can fit two or three fingers between your neck and the mattress when lying down on your side. Any more than that leads to neck pain because there’s no support at all.

4. Finally, what about allergies?

There are so many materials used to make pillows that it’s easy to get confused when choosing one that works best for you. Down pillows can be real troublemakers if allergies are an issue. Especially feather pillows because feathers attract dust mites which are allergens that could trigger asthma or other respiratory problems in some people. You may want to try out memory foam, latex or even microbeads as a first choice to help avoid allergies.

What to avoid, when picking the Right Pillow for neck pain?

Finding a pillow with the perfect height and firmness for a person’s size, sleeping posture, and personal preferences is the key.

  • An overly high cushion or firm prevents the neck from fully relaxing during sleeping.
  • A pillow that is overly flat, on the other hand, puts strain on the neck.

How To Choose the Right Pillow for Side sleepers?

When sleeping on your side, your shoulder takes the brunt of the support, which is why a mattress with a softer shoulder section, like our Nova Hybrid, is helpful. In addition, a low, medium or high pillow loft may be appropriate depending on characteristics such as mattress firmness and shoulder width. A firmer cushion can be pleasant and supportive enough to sleep peacefully for many side sleepers, but this varies from sleeper to sleeper.

If you’re prone to side sleeping, consider the following

Firmer fill and material

A soft fill pillow can cause your head to sink in and put pressure on your shoulder, resulting in a sore neck in the morning. Anything from foam to a heavy-duty down replacement can be used as a firm substance.

Whether it’s a low, medium, or high loft, there’s something for everyone. The most crucial feature to look for side sleepers is a pillow loft that will correct your head, neck, and spine while relieving strain on your shoulder. Depending on the width of your shoulders and how hefty you are, any pillow loft can be a good fit. The taller your cushion is, the more comprehensive your shoulders should be. Similarly, the lower the buffer should be, the heavier you are.

The firmness of your mattress

The higher your pillow should be, the firmer your bed is. A medium or low loft pillow should suffice if you have a softer mattress that you tend to sink into.

What is the most excellent material for a sleeping pillow?

Latex foam is one of the more expensive cushion materials, as it is made from rubber tree sap. Although latex foam has a similar feel to memory foam, it is less prone to retain heat when sleeping. Latex foam is also a long-lasting substance that keeps its shape.

What is the healthiest pillow material?

Natural rubber, or natural latex as it is more often known, is an excellent material for pillows since it is flexible, supportive, and long-lasting. In addition, natural latex absorbs moisture, regulates temperature, circulates air, and prevents mold and mildew growth.

What is the most fabulous pillow for me?

Choose one that is the same thickness as the space between your ear and outer shoulder. Stomach sleepers may require a soft pillow beneath their head or no pillow at all. Back discomfort might be alleviated by placing a pillow beneath your stomach and pelvis. Back sleepers may require a flatter cushion to keep your head and neck in alignment.

Chiropractors recommend which type of pillow to use

Many of Erickson’s patients prefer Japanese-style cylinder pillows filled with buckwheat if they are sensitive to the scent of memory foam off-gassing or want something all-natural. “These pillows provide good support and can keep healthy cervical-spine alignment,” she says.

Is a hard or soft pillow better for sleeping?

Firm pillows tend to maintain their loft over time as the pressure of the head flattens overly light pillows. Firm pillows are perfect for providing head, neck, and back support. Stomach sleepers prefer soft cushions, whereas side sleepers prefer firm pillows.

What should I look for in a pillow?

Choose one that is the same thickness as the space between your ear and outer shoulder. Stomach sleepers may require a soft pillow beneath their head or no pillow at all. Back discomfort might be alleviated by placing a pillow beneath your stomach and pelvis. Back sleepers may require a flatter cushion to keep your head and neck in alignment.

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

They have giant, fluffy, and silky goose-down clusters for maximum comfort. To provide a sense of luxury and support, some hotels employ a combination of feathers and down. Down is more durable, softer, and more expensive than other materials. In addition, hotels select pillows that are suitable for various sleeping styles.

What type of cushion is the most comfortable?

Choose down pillows if you want the softest, gentlest cushion possible. Down is derived from a bird’s fluffy undercoat, which resembles feathers minus the quills. Down pillows are noted for their luxurious softness, puffiness, and suppleness. European goose down with a fill power of 600 and up is a popular type of down pillow.

What kind of pillows do celebrities prefer?

Many celebrities, including Elton John, Kanye West, and Oprah Winfrey, are Savoir Beds fans. Pillows are the final puzzle piece for a restful night’s rest. Celebrities have peculiar pillow routines in addition to a superb taste in quality, multilayer pillows.

Which pillows are the most expensive?

The Tailormade Pillow Gold Edition, which bills itself as the world’s first 3-D scanned and 3-D printed pillow, is available for $56,995 on the company’s website. Thijs van der Hilst is confident that the Gold Edition will help people sleep better.

Why does My Pillow Flatten So Quickly?

The most typical cause of pillow flattening is a long period when your head is squeezed against the loose material inside the pad. The material loses its fluffiness and becomes flat as a result of this. Moisture could also be to blame for a pillow’s flatness. Pillows do have a shelf life.

How much does a lovely pillow cost on average?

Pillows are available for almost any budget, ranging from under $10 to over $1,000. On the other hand, the majority of pillows are under $200.

Which pillow is the most durable?

Pillows stuffed with down and natural feathers are the most durable, whereas polyester-filled pads have a shorter lifespan. Increase the life of your pillow by fluffing it every time you make your bed and placing it in a place with plenty of fresh air.

Is Pillow Quality Important?

Your pillow’s weight is a matter of personal preference. A lighter cushion may be a better choice if you want to re-shape and shift your pillow as you sleep. Quality counts in every type of pillow for comfort, support, and longevity, and it will be reflected in the price.

Is it possible for a hard pillow to induce neck pain?

Avoid using an excessively high or stiff pillow, which keeps the neck flexed overnight, causing pain and stiffness in the morning. If you sleep on your side, use a more elevated pad beneath your neck than your head to maintain your spine straight.

Why does the back of my head hurt from my pillow?

Too-high pillows might force the head and neck to curve forward, injuring the suboccipital neck muscles. If you have too much tension in these muscles, you may wake up with a headache or develop a headache once you’ve gotten out of bed.

How can you tell if your cushion is defective?

6 Signs It’s Time for a New Pillow

  • It has a foul odour.
  • Lumps Can Be Seen on Your Pillow.
  • It’s Seriously Stained You’re Getting Acne (Or Your Acne Is Getting Worse)
  • You’ve changed your sleeping position.
  • In the morning, you have neck and shoulder pain.

Why are my pillows so squishy?

If your pillow makes you feel uneasy, it’s likely that you’re using the wrong cushion or that it requires some fine-tuning to achieve optimal comfort. Instead, invest in a memory foam pillow that conforms to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders night after night.

Is it true that Tempur pillows are the best?

They are comfortable, high-quality, and will help you sleep better. On the other hand, it’s been compared to sleeping on a cloud by a few folks. Some people complained that the pillow was too firm and uncomfortable.

Do Tempurpedic pillows become softer over time?

Your TEMPUR pillow will get softer and comfier after the initial adjustment period. Is it, however, still able to supply the assistance you require? Yes, it is correct. The TEMPUR material in your pillow can provide that.

Is Endy a nice pillow?

The Endy cushion is made of high-density shredded foam that can be adjusted to your preferred height and stiffness. Overall, this Endy pillow is soft, supportive, and comfortable. The pillow also comes with a 60-day risk-free trial and a three-year warranty.

What is a cloud pillow?

By properly aligning the head, neck, and shoulders during sleep, the Contour Cloud Pillow can help alleviate neck aches and discomfort. In addition, the yellow wedge in the middle gives extra neck support, maintaining optimum sleeping posture.

What causes pillows to turn yellow?

Sweat causes the yellowing of pillows. Other factors that cause a buffer to turn yellow include sleeping with damp hair, lotions and oils on the skin, and wetness. The pad will turn yellow if moisture or sweat is left on it for an extended period.

What type of pillow is a purple pillow?

The Purple Pillow comprises latex-free, hypoallergenic materials that are CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD-certified, allowing you to sleep comfortably. Purple also offers the Harmony, TwinCloud, Purple Plush, and kids pillows in addition to the essential pad.


Many people have trouble choosing pillows, but it’s possible that buying more than one is the best option for you. Try out different ones till you find the perfect fit. Experimenting with shape and size can give you a better night’s sleep. It might cost a little more money, but then again, nothing that feels this good isn’t worth every penny.


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