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So you’ve got a spare pillow lying around, what are you going to do with it?

Just lie there and watch TV? Make an extra pillow fort? Throw it at your friends? You might also want to consider throwing that pillow into the fight of your life.

Now, this guide may not be for everyone, but if you’re thinking about a pillow fighting yourself, then this is the guide for you. Just remember, though, once you hit someone with a pillow, there’s no turning back. So maybe think about what side of the force you are on before doing anything rash.

Some Important tips for Pillow Fight Guide

Make a Weapon Selection

The obvious pick is whatever cushion you can get your hands on, but blankets and plush animals are also highly suggested. This is especially crucial if you’re pillow fighting with kids, as they can be cruel little devils who will make sure you end up on your pillow in some way.

Provide the Music

Music can be a terrific way to get the pillow party started, depending on your crowd. Do you have a group of tweens to entertain? Pump some Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift music. Are you inviting your girlfriend over for a romantic evening? Play some Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin.

Feed Your Visitors

Snacks for the pillow fight are necessary. Many calories are burned when beating up on friends and loved ones using feather-filled objects. However, finger foods are preferred. The obvious choices are Chex-mix, popcorn, and chips, since who doesn’t enjoy chips?.

You’ll be in the middle of a pillow fight in no time if you follow these simple steps

Is professional pillow fighting a thing?

In ‘the original combat sport,’ professional combatants batter each other with pillows. However, according to a new organization pillow fights are no longer just for youngsters. Since last fall, the Pillow Fight Championship has held competitions with the hopes of turning pillow fighting into a professional combat sport.

Who came up with the idea of a pillow fight?

Except for the part about people beating each other with pillows, everything seems reasonable for a fighting organization. Founder Steve Williams came up with this idea and presented a persuasive case for why competitive pillow fighting can have an audience.

What do you mean when you say “pillow talk”?

It means discussing what you like about each other. Dreams for the future, travel, and adventure, and activities you wish to try as a pair are all topics to discuss. Reminiscing about great occasions, such as when you first fell in love, We’re talking about fears that need to be soothed.

Is a pillow fight considered a sport?

A pillow fight is a classic game in which young children (and teens and adults) participate in a simulated physical confrontation using pillows as weapons. Pillow battles are every day at sleepovers for kids.

Is pillow fighting considered a legitimate sport?

‘Getting pounded in the head with a pillow is just so cathartic,’ says entrepreneur Steve Williams. So he founded the Pillow Fight Championships (PFC) and even organized a pay-per-view event.

What kinds of sensitive questions are good to ask in a relationship?

What is anything you’ve always wanted to say to me but haven’t been able to?

When did you feel the most connected to me?

What would you like me to do to you the next time we get together?

What is the most important aspect about me that you now miss?

What part of your body would you like me to kiss?

What is a pillow fight, and how does it work?

A pillow fight is a typical game where young children (and teens and adults) participate in a simulated physical confrontation using pillows as weapons. A pillow’s weight can still throw a young person off-balance, especially on a soft surface like a bed, which is a popular location. 

Why is it important to know how to pillow fight?

It can be an entertaining gadget that provides hours of enjoyment for individuals from all walks of life. It is also an excellent way for kids and adults to bond by having fun together and building relationships. 

Again, parents and teachers try hard to make sure children play safe when it comes to pillow fights, but accidents do happen no matter what precautions you take! A pillow fight can be played out on its own or as part of the conclusion of a sleepover.

How do you start a pillow fight?

A younger person may want to encourage an older person to participate, perhaps by naming them the winner if they engage in the game. On the other hand, entering into a pillow fight can be seen as an act of consenting to participate in it. 

The guys will usually beg for mercy when they’re down, but don’t let them off that easily. It can be very silly. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too out of hand. “I’d rather if you didn’t play that game.”

The pillow fighting game was popularized in the modern era by the Sleepover Club series of children’s books, which used to settle disputes between friends. 

The practice has found its way into many sleepovers and slumber parties for kids and teens as a fun activity, though adults may also participate.

In addition, some consider a pillow fight a legitimate sport practised with fervour at competitions such as the World Pillow Fighting Championships held annually in New York City. On occasion, injuries can occur during these events, but most often, they do not rise to the level of requiring medical attention. At times, injuries can be severe. 

However, silly games make a great way to get the party started. A more advanced player may select a soft and lightweight pillow, while others will use something stuffed that’s heavier and will be harder on their opponent.

 Make sure you have an adequate supply of pads around in case your guests want to switch it up, or you need to replace one. Suppose the contest is entirely out of control and everyone involved seems intent on seriously destroying each other.

In that case, it may be time for someone with authority (such as an adult) to step in and order them all to stop playing this dangerous game right now before somebody gets hurt or even killed.

How many pillows do I need?

A two-player fight requires one pillow for each combatant, while a group event will need enough pillows to accommodate everyone who wants in on the action. 

This should provide adequate space so that conflicts won’t get too heated, and people will be able to take evasive manoeuvres if they notice an attack about to come their way.

 It is also possible to focus the battle on a single target until they are brought down by a determined opponent or team of rivals. In any case, it’s always best to keep safety foremost in mind when engaging in such play with children.

Fights should consist of two players to make things more interesting. For example, “Wow, that was a perfect pillow fight.”

Get your tissues ready in case someone gets injured.

The best thing to do is play with pillows by themselves,  don’t throw them at each other or anyone else for this matter because you don’t want the actions of others outside your group affecting you negatively. 

This way, everyone can have fun without distractions or concerns about injuries that might occur otherwise. Pillow fights can be played alone or with friends depending on your preference and whether your schedule allows it. 

When done in groups, kids usually gather in a circle around two combatants who go head-to-head until one person surrenders or is unable to continue.

Due to the potential risks associated with engaging in this activity, it is not advised that anyone participate who has a heart condition or other severe medical conditions. 

People who have suffered an injury during a childhood pillow fight and those who suffer from osteoporosis and bone disorders such as multiple fractures may also want to avoid doing so. 

People who are overweight and those with high blood pressure might also want to pass on this type of play. However, you can’t be too careful when protecting your health.

Advance Pillow Fight Tips and Hints

It is essential to know when a pillow fight turns from fun and games into a dangerous situation in which injuries can occur. Even though the activity may seem innocent enough initially, it can escalate quickly if not monitored by adults who keep things under control.

If someone seems to be getting overzealous with their attacks, remove them from play or otherwise bring an end to the game for everyone else. Make sure that pillows are used only indoors and do not contain any complex objects such as buttons, coins, beads, or other items that might hurt someone when tossed at another person.

When you notice children becoming agitated or overly excited about playing a pillow fight game, take them aside for a short time out until they are ready to resume playing again in an appropriate manner. 

If they continue trying to defy your authority by engaging in their favourite activity, remove them from the group so as not to ruin it for everyone else.

In any case, make sure that your child knows how to play a pillow fight game positively and safely. Suppose you don’t feel comfortable letting them do this independently or have yet to learn how to remain under control during such activities.

 In that case, it might be best to be supervised by an adult who can come between combatants should things get out of their hands. That way, everyone had fun, and nobody got hurt!

The situation becomes even more dangerous when adults step in and try to show off their skills. This is also extremely dangerous because of the risk of broken bones from complex objects being tossed at people too close together. 

Remember what we said about not using pillows with complicated things in them? Some even use their bedding instead, which can hurt more than some cheap, imitation feather-type pillows.

Injury during Pillow fight

During a pillow fight, one of the most common injuries occurs when someone gets stuck in the eye with an object meant for play. Therefore, parents should stick to more traditional “pillow” types or just let kids know that they are not allowed to throw anything but themselves around while playing this game!

If you decide to participate in this type of activity, make sure you go at it on your own (or with others who want to play along) and refrain from throwing yourself onto anyone else since it is considered a somewhat dangerous activity.

Is professional pillow fighting a thing?

In ‘the original combat sport,’ professional combatants batter each other with pillows. However, according to a new organization, pillow fights are no longer just for youngsters. Since last fall, the Pillow Fight Championship has held competitions with the hopes of turning pillow fighting into a professional combat sport.

What does a pillow fighter get paid?

Yes, there is an actual league with real ladies who enjoy this strange mix of sports. The battle once a month in Toronto and once a month on the road. It’s not about the money (the most a fighter can earn per match is $100), but about the workout, the sense of accomplishment, and keeping the league alive.

What are the materials used in professional pillow fighting pillows?

The pillows are queen-sized, loaded with foam, and coated in nylon sailcloth. When held still, they produce a crinkling sound like a dry diaper, and when they connect with a cheekbone, they crack like a horsewhip.

What distinguishes the PFL from the UFC?

The MMA league’s format is radically different from the UFC’s or any other promotion. The league model incorporates predetermined regular season, postseason, and championship structures, rather than matchmakers hand-assembling cards based at least in part on what they think would sell.

What is the purpose of feather pillows poking?

The material for feather pillows is collected from the back and wings of the animal. Because each feather has a quill, thin cushions could allow the quills to poke through over time. You can protect yourself from the poking by wearing a protector or a thick pillowcase.

What does it mean to have a mock fight?

Mock fighting entails the performance of combative activities without the intention of causing injury. Sparring can be done for various reasons, including ritual, training, recreation, and performance.


We hope you had fun after reading this pillow fight guide. There’s nothing like a good pillow fight on a sleepover, or anywhere for that matter. If everyone is careful and respectful of one another, it can be lots of fun; but we all know how quickly things can go wrong. 

You never know who might wind up getting injured, it could even be YOU. So make sure you’re prepared by reading this pillow fight guide.


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