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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you have a good idea about what good sleep is and how crucial it is for your wellbeing. So often the backbone of our health, we don’t even think about rest until we can’t get any.

We all know that when we don’t sleep well enough, not only do we feel worse, but our bodies function worse too. Nowadays, people are better informed and take their bedroom’s appearance more seriously. Everyone wants a great night’s sleep in a room that gives off a calm and relaxed vibe.

One of the most important aspects to achieving the right environment to encourage shut-eye is having the right bedding, especially if you’re opting for an adjustable airbed with a memory foam mattress. If you’re serious about getting the best night’s sleep, quality bedding is a must-have.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get an adjustable air bed with a memory foam mattress in one package, whether it’s a single or double-sized bed. We’ve reviewed and read about this topic and created this essential guide to pillow sizes and types, so you know exactly what you need when you visit our website, but please don’t feel limited by them. Pillow sizing is more of a recommendation than the law because, after all, who doesn’t want the best pillow?

Bed Pillow Sizes Chart

Types of Pillows

You’ve probably seen a pillow labeled as standard, queen, or king-size, but what does it mean? There are Four main sizes for most pillows, standard, queen, king, and euro.

Standard Pillows

Standard pillows measure 20 inches long by 26 inches wide. This is the most common pillow size and is perfect if you have a single bed or child-sized mattress. 

However, if you want a smaller pillow that still gives adequate support, this is the way to go. The fill of a standard size pillow can vary from brand to brand, but they typically contain 100% polyester fiberfill.

Queen pillows

Queen Pillows are more comprehensive than standard pillows at 30 inches long by 20 inches wide; this is designed to give you more length and width for your pillow, so it rests better on your shoulders. Queen-sized pillows are perfect for people who sleep with a partner or enjoy more space when they relax. The fill of these types of pillows can vary too, but the most popular choice is a blend of 80% feathers and 20% down.

King Pillow Sizes

Just like its name suggests, king-sized pillows measure a massive 40 inches in length by 20 inches in width! This extra-large pillow is designed to provide more extensive support over a greater area because let’s face it, you deserve it.

King-sized pillows are typically 102% goose-down filling. This makes them firm yet incredibly lightweight and comfortable. They are exactly what you need to get the rest your body deserves!

Don’t think of this as a law, but generally, if you have a queen or king-size bed, then it is best to opt for standard, queen, and king-sized pillows, respectively. But, of course, there is no limit on how big your pillow can be, so if you’re looking for fluffy oversized pillows, go right ahead and order just that.

Euro pillows

The Euro pillow is a square-shaped design that is 26 by 26 inches and can be used for hip and knee support, as a backrest when sitting up in bed, or just for décor. The Euro pillow is a standard sleeping pillow in Germany and the Netherlands, but it is less common in the United States. // YOU CAN REMOVE THIS ONE IF YOU DON’T WANT IT

Here’s a quick summary

1) Standard Pillow Sizes: 20″ Long by 26″ Wide – suitable for kids and singles

2) Queen Pillow Sizes: 30″ Long by 20″ Wide – Great for couples

3) King Pillow Sizes: 40″ Long by 20″ Wide – best for adult-sized beds

4) Euro: 26” long by 26” Wide – best for hip and knee support

Special Purpose Pillows

There are additional pillows manufactured for particular reasons and the four conventional sizes.

Pillows for the Body

A body cushion measuring 20 by 54 inches can enhance spine alignment for side sleepers when placed between the legs. Body cushions for pregnant women are also available, as they can help reduce pressure on the back and hips.

Pillows on the Wedge

Wedge pillows are triangular-shaped pillows composed of polyfoam or memory foam frequently used to elevate the upper or lower torso. This can benefit people with acid reflux, sinus pressure, snoring, and sleep apnea since it improves circulation. When sitting in bed, wedge pillows can also be used to bolster or beneath the knees when sleeping on your back.

Pillows for the Neck and Knees

Most neck and knee pillows are ergonomically designed to relieve pressure points and promote comfort. Thanks to its small shape, a knee pillow can be positioned between or beneath the knees, depending on your sleeping position. For side and back sleepers, this can help to correct the spine and relieve knee and hip stiffness.

Neck pillows, typically constructed of polyfoam or memory foam, are designed to prevent or reduce neck pain by contouring to the head and neck to support the spine.

Pillows for Travel

Today’s travel pillows come in various shapes, but the horseshoe form is prevalent. Its lightweight, curved form wraps around the neck to help straighten the spine and ease pressure points caused by sleeping upright.

Pillows for CPAP

Customized pillows are made to accommodate the mask and tube for sleepers who use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines to treat sleep apnea. For this reason, CPAP pillows frequently contain cutouts on both sides and a curved bottom to mold the shoulders. In addition, particular sleep postures or mask types are better suited to specific models than others.

How to Pick the Right Pillow Size

The correct pillow size can help you achieve the support and comfort you require at sleep. Mattress size, sleep position, value, and the aesthetics of your sleeping space all play a role in finding the correct fit. We’ll go through the most critical things to think about when buying your next pillow.

Mattress Size

Your mattress size is essential since it determines how well a specific pillow size will fit on your bed. You won't be able to provide more than one pillow across the width of a twin bed. Smaller pillow sizes will leave some vacant space on either side, but a king-size pillow will cover the majority of the bed's head end. Similarly, two standard pillows may appear small and leave a substantial amount of open space on a king mattress; therefore, at least a queen-sized cushion is recommended.

Sleep Position

This is likely the most crucial consideration when selecting your next pillow, as some sizes are more suited to particular sleeping postures than others. Because it can support any sleep position, the standard length is usually the most versatile option. For example, a regular pillow's compact size is suitable for stomach and back sleepers, as long as the loft isn't too high. Side sleepers who require a higher loft can fold or bunch a standard pillow to meet their needs.
Side sleepers who don't want to mold their pillow and those who flip sides during the night may benefit from the increased volume of a king pillow. The increased length may also be beneficial to back sleepers with broader shoulders. For stomach sleepers, however, a king-size pillow and a queen with a regular pillowcase may be too much pillow, as this might increase the loft and stiffness. In addition, to keep their spines aligned, stomach sleepers usually need softer, slimmer models.
Although the Euro isn't typically used as a standard sleep cushion in the United States, its square shape may be suitable for usage between or beneath the knees by side or back sleepers. In addition, if you sleep on your back or stomach, a Euro pillow with the proper loft can help with head and neck support.


Standard pillows are the most affordable and frequently available four main pillow sizes. On the other hand, a king-size pillow is the most expensive and only fits into king-size pillowcases. Therefore, you'll need to buy separate pillowcases to accommodate your king pillow if you don't already have king bedding. However, if you have a mix of regular and queen pillows in your home, you can use the pillowcases for both sizes.


Standard pillows are the most versatile option because they fit easily on most bed sizes and can be used by adults and children. They're also great for traveling because of their tiny size. On the other hand, King pillows can be used as backrests when sitting up in bed or as body pillows, increasing their versatility.

Bedding and Aesthetics

In addition to comfort, your overall sleep environment can influence pillow size. Even if they use one pillow for sleeping, many people prefer a selection of pillows for aesthetic reasons. For example, the square shape of the Euro pillow contrasts pleasantly with traditional rectangular pillows, adding to the beauty of your sleeping environment. In addition, some people enjoy the look of pillows that fill the head of the bed without leaving much vacant space, so they opt for the most prominent mattress size available.

What are the different sizes of pillowcases?

Pillowcases are typically available in two sizes: standard and king. Standard, super standard, and queen-sized beds are all compatible with the standard size pillow. The length and width of a regular pillowcase are approximately 20-21″ and 30-32″, respectively. A king’s height is the same as a queen’s, but the width is 36-41″.

How can I figure out what size pillow I require?

Use a strong carpenter’s tape measure instead of a delicate tailor’s tape measure. Measure from one end to the other while holding two pillow corners to the ground. When measuring the pillow, avoid measuring diagonally or from the center to any side.

What are the names of the large pillows?

A euro sham pillow (also known as a euro pillow) is a decorative square pillow behind the regular, queen-sized pillows.

How big should a pillowcase be in comparison to the pillow?

Pillowcases are usually one to two inches larger than the pillow they cover. Most regular-size pillowcases cover the four extra inches of a queen pillow.

Are the pillows in the regular and queen sizes the same?

Queen pillows are significantly longer than standard pillows, measuring 20″ by 30″ on average. As a result, they’re made to be the perfect width for a queen bed when placed side by side.

What should I look for in a pillow?

Choose one that is the same thickness as the space between your ear and outer shoulder. Stomach sleepers may require a soft pillow beneath their head or no pillow at all. Back discomfort might be alleviated by placing a pillow beneath your stomach and pelvis. Back sleepers may require a flatter cushion to keep your head and neck in alignment.

What size pillows are used in hotels?

The sizes of hotel pillows vary by manufacturer, but the most popular sizes are regular, queen, and king. Standard size pillows are typically 20 inches by 26 inches in length.

On a king bed, do I need king pillows?

Use three standard-size pillows or a pair of king-size pillows for a king-size bed. A king-size bed takes three European squares. Place three European shams against the wall or headboard in the back of the bed.

What is the size of a dakimakura?

Dakimakura come in two sizes: 160 or 150 cm (63 or 59 in) in length and 50 cm (20 in) in width (100 cm (39 in) in diameter. However, Dakimakura were only available in one size until the mid-2000s: 160 cm x 50 cm (63 in x 20 in).

What is the standard size of a continental pillow?

While a regular sham fits standard sleep-size pillows, Continental shams (also known as Euro shams) are larger square shapes (26″ x 26″). These more prominent motifs create an excellent foundation for stacking smaller cushions.

What happens if you have an excessively high pillow?

Your neck will be bent at an unnatural angle if your pillow is too high, which can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as headaches. A high pad can also impair the quality of your sleep, making you more exhausted during the day, which might affect your mood.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a king-size pillow?

Sleepers who move about a lot or like larger surface areas can benefit from a king pillow. Two king pillows fit nicely on a king or California king bed, and the extra length comes in handy when used as a backrest.

Dakimakura is used for a variety of reasons

Back and knee problems might be relieved by a nice dakimakura that molds to your body. As a result of the pillow’s ability to assist with spine alignment, you will be more comfortable. A lightweight pad helps support a pregnant woman’s developing body in various postures.

What is the difference in size between an Oxford and a Housewife pillowcase?

A standard size Oxford or Housewife pillowcase has the exact interior measurements as a standard size Housewife pillowcase – 50cm x 75cm. However, a standard Oxford pillowcase is significantly more prominent on the outside due to its border, measuring roughly 60-85cm.


“Normal people are of average size, not large or small. To be average is to fall in the middle, which means that half are larger and half smaller.” ~ Dave Barry

The majority of pillows on the market are sized for standard pillowcases. However, there is a wide variety of sizes outside of the standard. Knowing your measurements can make your shopping experience easier. And remember, the more comfortable you are with something, the more likely you’ll sleep well.

If you have any further questions or want to chat about pillow sizing, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health.



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